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Make Valentine’s Day Special With A Gift From The Vascular Organ

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  If you’re smart, gentlemen, you’re already wracking your brains for gift ideas that will show that special someone how truly special she is. Candy?  Ho-hum.  Flowers? Pu-leeze Take a tip from artistic-types who … Continue reading

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Your Customer Advocate Will Provide You With a Blindfold and a Cigarette

  Forget Clinton, forget Trump.  Who cares about our differences in race, creed or religion?  As ‘Muricans we are all united in a common cause at this crucial moment in history… our shared disgust with health insurance, the companies that … Continue reading

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Health Insurance Companies Hate Sick People And Liechtensteinians

In fall, a young agent’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of health insurance.                                                                          Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Sort of. The guvment, in its infinite wisdom, decided that it would be a good idea to require *90% of Americans to enroll … Continue reading

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Get Those Children Out of The Muddy, Muddy!

Q: What time is it when an ark floats by your house? A: Time to call your insurance agent. Ha ha!  Hysterical, right?  We insurance agents have millions of those gems.  I usually save them for clients.  When they realize … Continue reading

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Your Customer Advocate Will Now Give You A Blindfold And A Cigarette

Here’s a little pop quiz, kids. If I am on the phone waiting to speak with a “customer advocate,” I am trying to reach which of the following parties: Better Business Bureau Small Claims Court Health insurance company claims adjuster … Continue reading

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People Who, When They Show Up, You Know It’s Not Going To Be Good

I’m a people person.  I like people.   I NEED people.  According to Babs, that makes me one of the luckiest people in the world.  But there are some people who, when you see them coming, you just know that things … Continue reading

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Our Healthcare System Is Fine And Dandy

You hear a lot of complaints about the state of health care in America.  After a week spent observing it first-hand, I can tell you the system works just fine. My sister was understandably nervous when she had to go to the hospital … Continue reading

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Change Would Do You Good

Last week I posted a beginners guide to the new language, Euphemish. (check out my post “New Language Discovered” to get up-to-speed).  From time to time I’ll present more advanced concepts for the inquiring student. Today, we’ll explore the Euphemish term, Rate Change … Continue reading

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Annual Insurance Review: S. Claus

                                                                                 RV Insurance Agency                                Agent:  P. S. Prep notes for annual insurance review                                             Date:  12/6/10 Client:  Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus (nickname Kris)    Address:  North Pole (get Mapquest for inspector) Client rating (naughty, nice, preferred):  Preferred List of … Continue reading

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