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Got Food? Drink? Incontinence Pads? Time To Call The IRS

Nothing is certain but death and taxes.  (Death occurring while on-hold waiting to talk to someone about taxes is not certain, merely a very distinct possibility.) Has this ever happened to you? You’re trying to do your taxes, there’s one … Continue reading

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Tupperware Party Hearty Without Me

I have a confession to make. I don’t want you to think less of me, but what kind of relationship can we have if it is built on a foundation of lies? The time has come to tell the truth. … Continue reading

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Curl Up And Dye, You Gravy Sucking Pig

  Hair’s What’s Happening The Mane Event American Hairlines From Hair to Eternity Head Hunters The Hairport A Cut Above We’ve all seen these signs.  Why do beauty salons seem to have a monopoly on bad pun names?  Is this … Continue reading

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What Not To Hear

Corporate America, you’re messing up.  Big time. My job requires me to spend a lot of time on the phone.  That kind of exposure to what now passes for business phone etiquette has made me a seething volcano of frustration. … Continue reading

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Your Customer Advocate Will Now Give You A Blindfold And A Cigarette

Here’s a little pop quiz, kids. If I am on the phone waiting to speak with a “customer advocate,” I am trying to reach which of the following parties: Better Business Bureau Small Claims Court Health insurance company claims adjuster … Continue reading

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True Confessions

I am not the woman you think I am. You see the witty, urbane, sophisticated Peg, quick with a sarcastic take on the foibles of life.  But that’s not me.  Well, that IS me.  Quite a lot of me, actually, … Continue reading

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I Sold Out To The Man

Big Business Daddy Warbucks Halliburton  Big Pharma  Wall Street  The Man  That Guy In The Monopoly Game

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Experts are concerned by the alarming spread of Notmyproblemitis or NMP.  This malady results in the infected person losing all feeling…for their fellow man.  Science does not know the exact cause, but the infection short-circuits a person’s ability to share … Continue reading

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Dear Beloved Investor

2011 was not a good year for us, financially.   I know we’re not alone. Our stock funds went down the toilet, our house is worth less than we owe on it and the bank now sends me a statement each month … Continue reading

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Ding Dong, The Twinkie’s Dead

The food industry was shocked last week when giant Hostess Brands Inc. announced they were declaring bankruptcy. The baker, best known for such snacks as the iconic Twinkie, seeks reorganization under Chapter 11 as it struggles to come up with … Continue reading

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