Annual Insurance Review: S. Claus





                                    RV Insurance Agency                                Agent:  P. S.

Prep notes for annual insurance review                                             Date:  12/6/10

Client:  Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus (nickname Kris)   
AddressNorth Pole (get Mapquest for inspector)
Client rating (naughty, nice, preferred):  Preferred

List of assets to be covered:

 12 drummers drumming (needs musical instrument floater – rate higher if used professionally)

11 pipers piping (pipes excluded for breakage, but resultant damage covered unless house is vacant)

10 lords a-leaping (check for trampoline – automatic HO cancel!)

9 ladies dancing  (Jazzercise?  Home business exposure?  Add liability rider)

8 maids a-milking (outbuildings used for business excluded on HO -check age of barn for rider)

7 swans a-swimming (pool?  Verify yard is fully fenced)

6 geese a-laying (needs Farm-mate policy – determine limit per goose and total value of gaggle)

5 gold rings ($1000 theft limit on jewelry, no mysterious disappearance.  Recommend personal property floater – get appraisals)

4 calling birds (bird droppings on personal property only covered under comprehensive perils form – upgrade to HO-5)

3 French hens (remind that auto liability does not respond in France. Recommend umbrella policy for worldwide coverage)

2 turtle doves (no coverage for pets under HO)

1 partridge in a pear tree (limited tree coverage: $500 per loss due to direct lightning strike. Not covered for wind unless pear tree falls on covered property i.e. garage, patio furniture, 9 ft. lighted plastic Frosty)

– Check current life and disability policies (will UNUM consider class 4 with up-on-the-rooftop exposure? Check definition of disability – own occ., or any occupation i.e. department store Santa?)

– Recommend long-term care.  Elves not covered caregivers unless licensed by Medicare. Verify date of birth for quote.  Rating software does not recognize age given: as old as my tongue and older than my teeth.

-Ask to quote business exposure (currently w/Gallagher):
              Commercial package for toy factory
              Commercial  auto (check policy definitions: reindeer-powered vehicles qualify as auto?)
             Workers comp (verify experience mod.  Claim history shows frequency w/hammered thumb incidents. Also severity issues: 2008 permanent partial settlement for vocal cord polyps caused by excessive carolling & ho-hoing)
             Reindeer coverage (classify as employees under workers comp? business personal property? livestock floater?)

Mrs. says this is “crunch time” at work for hubby. Have Chris schedule appt after holidays.

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  1. Libertarian says:

    Hilarious, as usual!! 🙂


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