Freshly Pegged

I was rereading  some of my posts the other day (as I often do when I’m supposed to be working on a big presentation or a tax return) and I came across one of my favorites.  I remember how excited I was when I wrote it.  My finger trembled as I hit “publish” because, false modesty aside, I knew it was one of the best things I’d ever written.   I kept checking my stats page that morning, hoping…no, I’ll say it – expecting to see the sudden jump in hits that heralds a Freshly Pressed post.

But it never happened.

As I reread that post, alternately laughing out loud at my cleverness and stewing in my own bile at the no-FP injustice, it occurred to me that I’m probably not alone.  I bet most bloggers have one post that had them thinking,  “THIS One Should Have Been Freshly Pressed”

That’s what this series is all about.

I’ve asked some bloggers to select their best, overlooked posts.    I had to twist some arms to get them to admit they thought their stuff was worthy of the coveted FP because, while most of these people are way more talented than I, they’re also a lot more modest.

Each has been awarded the coveted Freshly Pegged badge.freshlypegged2

Here are the archives, with posts presented in the order in which they were printed:

Life In The Boomer Lane

Misty’s Laws


She’s A Maineiac

A Mind Divided

The Byronic Man


The Ramblings

Rachel’s Table

Go Jules Go

Thoughts Appear

Lenore’s Thoughts Exactly


The Big Sheep Blog

Unlikely Explanations

Snoring Dog Studio

The Jackie Blog

Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride

The Middlest Sister

59 Responses to Freshly Pegged

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  2. Tar-Buns says:

    I LOVE this feature of yours, Pegomyheart! It’s a great way to honor the best of the best in your circle of the bloggy world. And, what an honor, to have that badge to display on your site.

    I must start blogging again, soon! so I can win a Freshly Pegged award, too!!

    Great idea, really enjoying the diverse features so far. 🙂


    • pegoleg says:

      Tar, I saw your comment in my Dashboard and looked high and low to find it on the blog. Who knew there could be comments on this page!

      Thanks so much, my dear. I’m having a lot of fun with this. As long as readers do, too, it’s all good.


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  5. brilliant idea! 🙂


  6. W. R. Woolf says:

    This is a great idea 🙂
    I’ll look forwards to reading more freshly pegged posts 🙂


  7. What if people have a post they DIDN’T want to be Freshly Pressed, but then it was?


    • pegoleg says:

      Hmmm…I doubt that happens very often. I’ve been surprised to have something I didn’t consider my very best work Freshly Pressed a couple of times (and other bloggers have told me the same thing), but you’re pleased as punch (and very grateful) anyway.


  8. Maria says:

    Found you via Byronic Man. Wonderfully witty concept . .


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  11. What a fun idea! You’re sweet to recognize other deserving blog posts!


  12. Here’s one of my fav’s (just cause I know you foolishly forgot to ask me) 🙂


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  14. judithhb says:

    Oh did you forget me Peg – here’s one of my favourite posts – Hope you like it. 🙂


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  17. This is such a great idea. Especially for those of us who may not think our writing is top notch – doesn’t mean it’s garbage! The whole idea of being Fresh Pressed is like a “make it or break it” type deal. If you don’t get freshly pressed you’re like a sac o’ crap and if you do, well then – you’re a cut above the rest. Shameful really.
    I love this and I look forward to seeing the choices that Freshly Pressed turned down because to me, those are always the more interesting blog posts anyway!


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  20. Smash says:

    I dig your style Peg. Way to take control of your own destiny. And way to support other bloggers. You’re uplifting and awesome. Keep it up! 🙂


  21. The Hook says:

    Great feature!
    God bless you for looking out for the little guys that WordPress tends to overlook.


  22. This is awesome 🙂 And I just found several new blogs to follow! How, uh … you know … how does uh … I mean, how does someone, you know, go about … you know, getting FPegged? One of my friends wants to know …


    • pegoleg says:

      Thanks so much for stopping in! The Freshly Pegged jury reviews a huge volume of potential bloggers who have proven themselves as WordPress gods and goddesses. The actual selection process is a closely-guarded secret. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you.


      • I’m not up for death—especially since it’s just for a friend. If you ever decide to divulge any process details, you can just come by my blog and peruse my non-freshly pressed ones and maybe find a good spot to tell me in one of those comment sections … and I’ll be sure to pass on the info to my increasingly annoying friend. 😉


  23. Ms. Roberts says:

    This is great. I wrote this HUGE post about my long-distance relationship I have with my Loverly in which I did tell some embarrassing stuff. It was funny, it was sad, and it intense. They only picked like two (TWO!) posts to go on FP! TWO! They usually have three posts picked out. I must be that bad.


    • pegoleg says:

      Aw, don’t get discouraged. It takes some time to build up a following and get noticed here. Hell, I’ve been on for almost 3 years, which is like 30 in WordPRess years!


      • Ms. Roberts says:

        Actually, I’ve been blogging since 2010. I agree. The thing what gets me is they choose by specific person’s ideals or rules. So the post in question might not be the best post there is just a post that one WP guy likes.


      • pmahaney says:

        I recently started blogging Peg, worse shoving blog post down the throats of readers! Unfortunately the Fresh Pressed crew has probably been spared…darn. On the other hand, being new to this, I realize I have time to improve. I hope that in my third year I will have improved enough to earn a, Freshly PEGGED badge! Until then there are many worthy of your praise Peg, keep up the good work!


  24. lalarukh1 says:

    Your thoughts made me LOL :p lOVELY WRITING….GREAT IDEAS..KEEP IT UP 🙂


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  27. Grats on being Freshly Pressed at last! I hope you will continue to remember the little people and honor them as Freshly Pegged. I appreciate your help in finding gems that get overlooked by WordPress.


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  29. Cheri says:

    OmahGosh i have such issues with the whole Freshly Pressed thing. I really just don’t understand the criteria or whatever. When I see some of the same people repeatedly being “pressed” out of millions of WordPress bloggers, I just gotta sit back and say, “hmmmm…”. Initially I beat myself up over constantly being overlooked, but then I was like, “who cares…really?”. I’m a professional writer {outside of my blog} who people pay to write their stuff or pay to buy my stuff. So after thinking about that I realized that having people willing to pay me for my work is better than being “Freshly Pressed” and that NOT getting FP is no bearing on my writing ability. I like the idea you have going here Peg. I try to feature other bloggers frequently.


  30. Lala Rukh says:

    what an idea Ma’m ! I can’t wait to be freshly pegged as I can never be freshly pressed I guess 😦 LOVED it 😉


  31. This is an amazing idea! I have felt that “wow my post is amazing and it should get lots of hits and freshly pressed” moment, I am sure we all have LOL but alas it quite often never happens


  32. dmswriter says:

    This is wonderful!! I’ve had the same experience – snorted coffee out my nose after reading one of my posts, certain it would zoom to the attention of the “Freshly Pressed” people immediately after I hit “publish.” Alas, 87 bazillion posts later, nothing. I follow Misty and Susie Lindau, and am proud you gave them, and the others, the distinction of being Freshly Pegged. In a blatant attempt to join them, I give you “The Mysterious Disappearance of Mrs. Nesbitt,” the post I was sure would gain me “Freshly Pressed” fame. Love your site!!


  33. Shreya says:

    Love it, especially since I was JUST in this position a few days back. The Freshly Pegged posts are brilliant, loved reading them.


  34. albedeklerk says:

    I like your blog,it amazing,freshly pegged.We learn so much every day,to understand the ways of live.To reach out for each other and to care for one another.


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  36. I agree with the author that sometimes you put up so much effort in your post but get disappointed with the results/output you expect in terms of numbers and statistics. My last blogpost was one of them. It was on ‘Arnica Montana’ (a bright yellow flower similar to daisy) primarily used for pain, inflammation, injuries, traumas and in accident cases.


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  38. This is such a great feature! And a lovely idea; Looking forward to reading the next ones 🙂


  39. Steven R. Mignone says:

    Hiya Peg, yet another superb,
    hilarious, honest-as-all-get-out bit re yer thoroughly examined life. Reckon
    there are multiple, even more local
    hiking venues to ramble: various ravines in West Peru leading to IL Riv,
    the classic saunter upside ‘ The
    Dump’ in Spring Valley, etc.
    Quite refreshing to read PegOLeg.
    Thank ya!
    My very best to Sir Bill hisself.
    Heard young Matt McGinnis @ St. Bede
    WAB last night spell out, authoritatively
    & warmly, details about upcoming
    construction @ beloved alma mater.
    Very exciting upgrades…
    Always, Stevie


    • pegoleg says:

      Hey Steve, thanks for stopping by. I’m always delighted when real-life friends make their way to my online world. I must be ever vigilant that, while mining my life for writing material, I’m neither too boringly introspective, or too revealing about those sharing said life with me. I’m sure Sir Bill could expound at some length on that last point.


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