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Your Customer Advocate Will Provide You With a Blindfold and a Cigarette

  Forget Clinton, forget Trump.  Who cares about our differences in race, creed or religion?  As ‘Muricans we are all united in a common cause at this crucial moment in history… our shared disgust with health insurance, the companies that … Continue reading

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Americans Are Healthcare Weenies

Does this sound familiar?            “Ow, I broke my leg, I need a doctor!”                              or            “I think I’m having a stroke. I’d better get to the hospital!”                              or            “There’s an ice-pick sticking out of my eye … Continue reading

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Our Healthcare System Is Fine And Dandy

You hear a lot of complaints about the state of health care in America.  After a week spent observing it first-hand, I can tell you the system works just fine. My sister was understandably nervous when she had to go to the hospital … Continue reading

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