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Madison Avenue’s Artisanal Scam

An old man works at an ancient, wooden table in a murky room illuminated by sunlight from a single window.  He meticulously crafts a perfect wheel of creamy, yellow cheese… just for you. A little girl presses her face against … Continue reading

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Researching Homo Sapiens Vacationus At The Watering Hole

I will soon be heading out for a weekend of intense research at the watering hole that inspired this Freshly Pressed post several years ago.  Hope all y’all are having a great summer!                       ***Important Safety Tip*** Use utmost caution … Continue reading

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Using Hand-Crocheted Doilies to Cover Wine Stains and Other Clever Hints

I’m on the marketing lists of several women’s magazines, and they periodically send emails with teasers from their latest issues.  This headline from Cooking Light magazine recently caught my attention: What To Do With Leftover Wine Huh?  What is this … Continue reading

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My Dad Has No Rhythm, Yet Is Still The Master Of The Dance

This post was my Father’s Day gift to my Dad several years ago.  It had the honor of being Freshly Pressed and remains one of my (and my readers) favorites. My Dad sired 9 children. He then topped that accomplishment … Continue reading

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A Paranoid’s Guide To Summertime Fun

Ah, summer.  Warm breezes and budding flowers call us outside after a long, cold winter.  I answered that call just the other day.    I strode briskly along and inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with life-giving fresh air…and about 273 … Continue reading

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Big Game Hunting In The Wilds of Indiana

Originally posted on The Nudge Wink Report:
My quarry was in sight.  After years of searching, the biggest prize of all would soon be mine.  Mine!  I thought back on how I had arrived at this point. It was purely…

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Arrrr! How I Fought Off Cap’n Microbeard and His Bloodthirsty Band of Pirates

Look sharp, mateys!  If yer ship be flying the flag of Windows 7 or 8, batten down the hatches and prepare to repel boarders.  Cap’n Microbeard and his bloodthirsty band of pirates be sailin’ the interwebz’ stormy seas. A co-worker … Continue reading

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