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The 3 Most Powerful Letters In The English Language

Words can be powerful weapons, but one little suffix can beat them all.  Three letters provide a mighty shield for the user to hide behind. I’m talking about “ish.” “ish” means neither yes nor no.  It admits while admitting nothing.  … Continue reading

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What Not To Say During The Polar Vortex

The next person who says “cold enough for ya?” to me is gonna get an icicle to the jugular.  I’m not kidding. Don’t say it. OK, so half the country is suffering through the nightmare of a polar vortex.  It’s … Continue reading

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New Language Discovered!

Quickly adopted by politicians and advertisers. A little old lady was holding up my line at the grocery store.  She was trying to return a carton of ice cream. “It says New & Improved but it tastes the same.” She said, … Continue reading

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