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Let’s Play The Glad Game: Home Lock-down Edition

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Pollyanna, a book written 100 years ago which tells the story of a little girl whose cheerful determination to look on the bright side infects everyone around her.  No ordinary the-glass-is-half-full optimist, Pollyanna … Continue reading

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On The Off Chance You Notice That I Unfriended You

Dear Friend, Maybe I should have addressed this “Dear Ex-Friend.”   After all, I just unfriended you on Facebook, and many would consider that the very definition of an ex-friend.  But I don’t consider you any less my friend.  I did … Continue reading

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Greater Love Hath No Man

  People can be endlessly fascinating.  They can also be endlessly irritating.   The secret to getting along with others, no matter where they fall on the fascinating/irritating spectrum at any given point in time, is to know when to speak … Continue reading

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Why Trump? To The Intelligentsia From The Flyover Zone

Why Trump?  This question seems to be a source of genuine bafflement for the ruling classes on both sides of the aisle, but especially for liberals.  Let me see if I can explain. I fell victim to one of those … Continue reading

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Thank You, Sweet Baby Jesus, For Making It Stop

It’s all over. Maybe you’re wailing and gnashing your teeth. Maybe you’re skipping and dancing in the streets. Maybe you’re making plans to move to Fiji. Maybe you’re shrugging your shoulders and saying “meh” because, at the end of the … Continue reading

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Gossip Is Like The Cat In The Hat’s Bathtub Ring

The next time I’m tempted to repeat some juicy gossip, I need to remind myself that it might leave a stain that is harder to clean than the Cat In The Hat’s bathtub ring. I went to dinner with a … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Women

Former Univ of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise Employed by governmental entity in a position of power. Required, by law, to conduct all work-related email correspondence via employer-provided email service. Decided that she was above that law. Used personal email account … Continue reading

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The 3 Most Powerful Letters In The English Language

Words can be powerful weapons, but one little suffix can beat them all.  Three letters provide a mighty shield for the user to hide behind. I’m talking about “ish.” “ish” means neither yes nor no.  It admits while admitting nothing.  … Continue reading

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I’m Absolutely Sure That Everything I Believe Might Possibly Be True

“Obama is a communist.” “Republicans hate women.” “Your brother got cancer from drinking Coke.” These are actual things that real people said to me during the past week.  Each statement was delivered as fact.  With firm, fist-pounding-on-table certainty.  With an … Continue reading

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All In The Political Family: When Mom & Dad Play Favorites

Dear Mom & Dad, We need to talk.  Parents are supposed to love all their kids equally, but it’s obvious you care more for some of your other states than you do for me.  It’s breaking my heart. I know … Continue reading

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