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Life Has Meaning Once More

It has been a rough summer.  Some dear family members are dealing with serious health issues, I’ve been struggling to get in shape, and I’ve been dogged with a bad case of the blahs for months.   All that is about … Continue reading

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When It Comes to Reality TV, The Secret to Success is Crystal CLR

Reality television is now an established staple of the American viewing diet.    Although many can’t understand why anyone would want their dirty laundry and bad behavior exposed for the world to see, it’s obvious the reality TV industry has an … Continue reading

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10 Beauty Tips For Beautiful Beauty

You can’t watch Bravo, E! and other highbrow TV channels, or pass magazines like Us Weekly or Star in the check-out lane at the grocery store without being bombarded with pictures of the Beautiful People.  How did they get that … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name? A Case For Hoarders

It seems to me that people consider hoarding a BAD thing, ever since that TV show, Hoarders, started running on A&E.  I don’t see it that way.  Hoarding can be a fun and rewarding hobby.  The problem is that the … Continue reading

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When Reality TV Almost Becomes Reality

The Kardashians, real housewives, toddlers in tiaras, the Jersey shore crew…this is just the tip of the iceberg of reality TV stars we love to hate.  I have joined in heaping scorn on them on more than one occasion.   That makes … Continue reading

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