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Another Round of Fermented Yak Snot For My Buddies!

Everything is ALWAYS simpler for guys.  I once posted about how shopping for clothes strains the mother/daughter bond.  My brother-in-law, John, said he was glad he was a guy.  Relations with his Dad are simple – pizza, beer and poker … Continue reading

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Give or Take

The English language is complicated.  And the American slang version of it is just plain weird. Take the way we refer to going to the bathroom.  In the colloquial, this is referred to as “taking a dump”.  What taking?  There is no … Continue reading

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The 99% Solution

I watched back-to-back episodes of “Cops”, and extended news coverage of Occupy Wall Street late into the night, so it’s hardly surprising I was in the middle of some weird dreams when my brain decided to get me up at … Continue reading

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Biggest Loser: Family Edition. To the Victor Goes The Spoils

Victory is sweet.  In fact, I happen to know that it tastes a lot like pumpkin pancakes. For those who have been following my blog, you know this was the summer (and then some) of the family weight-loss challenge.  Talk … Continue reading

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SAD, Mad and Lonely

Dim, dingy, drab Dank, despairing Gloomy, glowerous Misty, murky Inky Somber, stygian Dark.  Dark.  Dark. At 5pm, I fall back into a world from which all light and laughter have been sucked.   If I don’t see some DAYLIGHT soon, … Continue reading

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We’ll Go Dressing In The Dark…

Marriage is all about perspective.  Everything depends on your viewing angle. Yesterday morning I got up earlier than my husband, Bill.  We work together, and both need to get to the office by 8:30.  I was silently putting the finishing … Continue reading

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The Plaintive Cry of the Newbie Blogger

The following is a little, tiny post I put up after being on WordPress one month.  This was before I had pictures, tags or readers.  Who of us didn’t have these thoughts in the beginning – and still do, on occasion? Come … Continue reading

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