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The Plaintive Cry of the Newbie Blogger

The following is a little, tiny post I put up after being on WordPress one month.  This was before I had pictures, tags or readers.  Who of us didn’t have these thoughts in the beginning – and still do, on occasion? Come … Continue reading

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Will PAC-Man Gobble Up The King’s English?

On the one-year anniversary of the Punctuation And Capitalization Tax, commonly called the PAC, reviews have been mixed as to its impact on America. Gwen Prosody, a retired English professor, has been an outspoken critic of the PAC tax.   Ms. Prosody … Continue reading

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Big Brother Marketing: A Nightmare In One Act

A scene in the not too distant future… Location: Staples Advanced Marketing Division office.  Two men are working before a large computer screen. Young Marketing Intern: “OK, it’s 3 in the afternoon and target market “Peg” is napping.”  (screen before … Continue reading

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Looking for Mr. Morpheus

  There is a special time in a girl’s life when the mysteries of her sex are revealed to her.   It’s a magical time of change and growth.  She becomes a woman.  Time passes.  Hopes & dreams.   Babies may come, … Continue reading

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Biggest Loser: Family Edition. Who Stole The Kishka?

Warning!!!  The following may not be suitable for more sensitive readers. After a long, hard summer of the family weight-loss challenge, the pounds are really coming off.  “That’s great!” you say.  “Whoo hoo!” you enthuse.   “You must be thrilled.” you … Continue reading

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Banking Days And Boogie Nights

I was heading into the bank drive-through when The Hustle came on the oldies station.  I cranked it up.  My sensible Toyota Rav-4 morphed into a time machine and I was transported back to “Uncle Dunkels“.  Disco is king and this is the … Continue reading

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Where’s WordPress?

As I’m sure all WordPress regulars have noticed, Freshly Pressed is stuck.  The same posts have been on the front page for the better part of a week.  They are all fine posts, no doubt, but we know this is a major malfunction because NONE OF THEM IS … Continue reading

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Smartphone Apps We Could Really Use

You can’t play Angry Birds all the time.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could find smartphone apps to help when you have to deal with real life? Look no further. Turn your phone into a personal speech modifier with … Continue reading

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A Cupdate

In last week’s blog post, A Cup, A Cup, A Cup, A Cup of Sodium Caseinate I detailed my disgust and disappointment with a tasteless bottle of chemicals  masquerading as Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer.   Although you don’t have to have … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, Baby!

It’s my anniversary.   I first put cyber pen to paper at WordPress one year ago today. My sister Lib and I went to Ireland in 2009.   I was sending excruciatingly detailed emails of our trip to my family, and someone suggested I … Continue reading

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