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Yet Another Milestone I’d Rather Avoid

  According to the saying, “A diamond is forever.”  That’s why engagement rings have diamonds – they symbolize permanence.  But I know a rock that makes a diamond look as fleeting as a Popsicle on a summer sidewalk, and that’s … Continue reading

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I Love Old People – All Of You

I’m a fake. A couple of years ago, desperate to get my name in print, I convinced a local baby boomers magazine to let me do an occasional column.  I agreed to take out an expensive business ad in return, … Continue reading

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Caution: Funky Stuff Going On Here

Hide the children.   The following is not suitable for younger and more sensitive readers, by which I mean those under 50. My body is doing some funky stuff. I suspect aging may be involved. 1) Stuff is migrating. Formerly vital … Continue reading

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Show Me The New!

Spring is busting out all over. Boing! It’s a time of renewal and revival. Time for a new dawn of a new day.   I aim to get me some of that new, and I want you to join me. I’m … Continue reading

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Is It My Bad If I Feel Bad When My Bad Isn’t Very Bad?

Ungrateful, angry, discontented…I’m sick of dealing with people with these lousy attitudes.  But how can I avoid myself? My friend Deb at The Monster In Your Closet got me thinking.  She does that a lot, and I wish she’d knock … Continue reading

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What We Remember At The End

Two women slid into the pew directly in front of me as the church service started.  The younger led her mother by the hand.  The tiny, elderly woman was a bit unsteady on her feet, but her eyes were bright … Continue reading

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How To Lose Weight and Look Years Younger With Absolutely No Effort On Your Part

Two women pass in the street.  One is middle aged and overweight, her plodding walk mirroring the exhaustion in her tired, wrinkled face.  The other woman is noticeably younger.  Her long, blonde hair swings around her smooth, glowing face as … Continue reading

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