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Caution: Funky Stuff Going On Here

Hide the children.   The following is not suitable for younger and more sensitive readers, by which I mean those under 50. My body is doing some funky stuff. I suspect aging may be involved. 1) Stuff is migrating. Formerly vital … Continue reading

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Presumed Stupid Until Proven Otherwise

As citizens of the world, we are forced to touch doorknobs, shopping carts and all sorts of community property every day.  That’s why I’m happy to see these signs popping up in more and more public restrooms. This is a … Continue reading

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It Is A Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Indeed!

Five years ago today, my sister Lib had to cancel her annual St. Patrick’s Day party.  Our hometown always has a big parade, and her apartment is right on the parade route, the perfect location for viewing and celebrating.  She … Continue reading

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I’m Absolutely Sure That Everything I Believe Might Possibly Be True

“Obama is a communist.” “Republicans hate women.” “Your brother got cancer from drinking Coke.” These are actual things that real people said to me during the past week.  Each statement was delivered as fact.  With firm, fist-pounding-on-table certainty.  With an … Continue reading

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My Sister-In-Law Is STILL Ruining The U.S. Economy

Christmas is all about traditions.  Every year we unpack our favorite, old ornaments.  We unearth our Bing Crosby and Manheim Steamroller CDs.  We watch A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th St. and It’s a Wonderful Life. Around this blog, tradition … Continue reading

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Get Your Knockers Up to Fight Breast Cancer

The athletes are trained. The spectators have their cheers down pat. There isn’t a pink t-shirt left to be had in the Windy City. We’re ready… for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: Chicago! It happens this weekend, June 1-2.  … Continue reading

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That’s The Most Disgusting Stuff I Ever Tasted. Give Me A Big, Heapin’ Helping.

TV is full of experts who are eager to explain why we eat too much (or too little).  What I want to know is why do we eat the specific foods we eat?  Especially when that food tastes like slugs … Continue reading

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Fear & Loathing In The ½ Price Easter Candy Aisle

What do 4-for-$1 Cadbury Crème Eggs and an up-thrust of daffodils have in common?  Both are important clues that may help me to finally understand…myself. I’ve been feeling a little blue lately. By a little blue I mean sad.  Very … Continue reading

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Your Customer Advocate Will Now Give You A Blindfold And A Cigarette

Here’s a little pop quiz, kids. If I am on the phone waiting to speak with a “customer advocate,” I am trying to reach which of the following parties: Better Business Bureau Small Claims Court Health insurance company claims adjuster … Continue reading

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Malaising Grace

mal·aise: noun mə-lāz, ma-, -lez 1: an indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health often indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness 2: a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being <a malaise of cynicism and despair … Continue reading

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