Show Me The New!


Spring is busting out all over. Boing! It’s a time of renewal and revival. Time for a new dawn of a new day.   I aim to get me some of that new, and I want you to join me.

I’m in a rut.   Partly due to the never-ending winter from hell, partly due to laziness, whatever the reason, the fact is that I have taken up residence in a big, bottomless rut of Everyday Dailyness.

I… ..get up.

………go to work.

…………go home.

…………. eat dinner

……… TV.

……. go to bed.


“Same old, same old” isn’t just an expression to me, it’s my life’s work. I suspect I’m not alone.

Studies show that the human brain never loses its capacity to learn. Not only is it possible, the process of seeking new information and new experiences actually creates new synapses in our brain. This is serious science. Exercising our brains, like our bodies, makes them stronger and keeps them young.

We can use this fact to make a ladder and climb out of the ruts we’re in.   How?   Try 3 new things today.

It may be something you’ve never done before, like trying a new food. Or it could be doing an ordinary thing in a new way, like brushing your teeth with your left hand. It may be a big thing, like jumping out of a plane, or it may be small, like saying hello to someone you always see on the bus but never talk to.

Just for today, make a conscious choice and do 3 new things.  Then report back here tomorrow and tell us what you did.*

We’ll make a pact:

I hereby resolve…(c’mon. All together!).… I hereby resolve to do 3 new things today.

If this works out, maybe we can decide to try a new thing EVERY day. Maybe.

Let’s do it. You and me.

*If reading my blog isn’t the first thing you do each morning, you may need more than one day to accomplish the task.   That’s OK, but we need to talk about your priorities.



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68 Responses to Show Me The New!

  1. bwcarey says:

    i’m going to learn a new song on the guitar, actually i’m going to learn one song on the guitar, thanks for the great advice


  2. mistyslaws says:

    Yeah, that rut sounds all too familiar. But is it bad that I like my rut? It’s comfortable and new stuff stresses me out. Oops, there’s that lazy peeking out again. Ok, fine. I’m on board. But, I can only promise one thing today. We’ll see how that goes. Now I have to figure out what that thing might be. I’ll get back to you……


  3. I think my three new things today will be:

    1) Consciously trying to do three new things in a day for the first time.
    2) Buying Easter eggs for the kids and not eating half of them on way home, thus necessitating yet ANOTHER trip to buy Easter eggs for the kids.
    3) What the hell, I’ll buy a different brand of toilet tissue. There. I’ve said it.

    Is this the sort of thing?


  4. I’m in the exact same rut…Work, eat , sleep…Blah! I keep procrastinating breaking the cycle until the weather is better, I just have no desire to be outside yet. (Note: I’m in the freezing white North of Canada and it’s -4 today)


    • pegoleg says:

      Oh snap. If it’s -4 where you live (in normal temperatures, none of that Celsius crap) then your new things can all involve down comforters and hot chocolate. Make that work.


  5. Three new things in one day? Now that is a challenge. I can do one new thing a day but three. I will have to get started now.


  6. susielindau says:

    Two weeks ago, I started unplugging myself for at least four hours a day. I have been cranking! I used to write all day, but would get sucked into the internet vortex and waste time. I still surf for info, but after my work is done. Then I learn three new things a day!


  7. For the past two and a half weeks (of what I’m told could be a four-week to six-month process), I’ve been learning how to do everything without bending, stooping, sitting, or twisting. One thing I’ve learned is that I drop a lot of things.

    P.S. Love the red pumps and fatigues. It’s a nice power look.


    • pegoleg says:

      4 weeks to 6 months??? You poor kid! Maybe your new thing should involve industrial strength non-slip bath mats?


      • I swear to you, and everyone I know will attest to this: I worry unnecessarily over Every Possible Perceived Danger Lurking Around Every Corner. Hence the name Xena, Worrier Princess. That one stinkin’ time that I forgot there was still Soft Scrub residue in the tub. . . .

        As soon as I’m better, I’m going to have to Hippie-proof my house.


  8. Well, at the risk of repeating myself I’m totes digging that Paint masterpiece, PegoMonet!

    Try new things you say? Today I’m going to perform a blood glucose test on my lab partner during our nerve-wracking lab practical exam, does that count? Also, I will try not to faint while pricking her finger. So that’s two new things already!


    • pegoleg says:

      Wow, those are TOTES new things. Makes my plan to brush my teeth with my left hand look a bit, shall we say, lame.


      • I think this past year has been the year of trying new things for me. I’m at the point now where I want to try old things in a half-assed way. Hey, here’s something new we can both try–let’s try to call each other again! I want to chat with you finally.


  9. Kelly Grace says:

    Just when I achieve some modicum of consistency and structure in my daily life, you issue an 11th commandment: add 3 new things. But, out of a sense of community and camaraderie I will brush my teeth left-handed, shop at Macy’s instead of Nordstrom, and serve 3 vegetables and no starch at dinner. My colon thanks you.


  10. Carrie Rubin says:

    Saying hello to a stranger would be a big thing for me, so that ought to count as three things alone. 😉

    Have fun with venturing into the unknown!


  11. Roxie says:

    I’m going to shave my head.


  12. Al says:

    1. .sdrawkcab tnemmoc tsrif ym etirW
    2. Skip three lines between second and third comments.

    3. Make a vacuous third comment.

    There, that’s 3 new things. Done!


  13. I’m learning three new words today. I’ve been taking an online Italian language course,
    Come stai, Signora Peg?

    Whew! That was exhausting.


  14. Elyse says:

    Today is half over. Can I do 1-1/2 today?


  15. List of X says:

    New thing number 1: Get shocked by how expensive a dental surgery will be, and how little my dental plan will cover.
    ….Can I please stop doing this challenge?


  16. You’re like the Deepak Chopra of the blogosphere…..or maybe the Yoda of the internet….maybe the Maharishi of sarcastic writers…?

    I opened your latest installment from my e-mail account and not from my WordPress account…that’s one. Now, if could only overcome my agoraphbia, I’d say hello to someone….


  17. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I like the idea, but will have to postpone the practice for a week or two!


    • pegoleg says:

      Deb, Deb, how about burping the new sprout on the OTHER shoulder? Pin a rose on your nursing bra? Pretend the latest poopy diaper smells like flowers? There is no end to all the new you can do!


  18. I’ll try to report back, tomorrow may be too soon. Friday may be better for three new things – Actually, Monday looks wide open, let’s pencil that in for Monday, and we’ll play it by ear.


  19. I love the idea, my rut right now though? It is self-preservation. I will have to work on this one.


  20. It must be the time of year – feeling really stuck in the mud. Road trip…or at least starting to look for future adventures…meanwhile, the dog manages to present new opportunities for higher level thinking skills each day…what was I thinking, the German was so easy!
    Oh, your blog is the dessert of the day, so I’m late, as usual….maybe resorting reading time…but then the dog walk would have to reschedule…saw a cool new plane today – super sleek with a big prop in the back….and rambling now, so leaving to mumble to myself…


  21. I read this post with my left eye! Does that count? You speak wise words. As we get older we LOVE routine and fall into a comfortable rut. It’s much easier and who doesn’t feel lazy??? “Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Be a Prison For Your Achievements!” I love that quote.


  22. Ally Bean says:

    My three new things from yesterday: 1) did online genealogy research; 2) had new-to-me shrubs + perennials planted in front of the house; & 3) drank a Harp lager. This was fun. How’d I do?


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  24. foreverendever says:

    Love this post. I noticed on your newer post where you shared with us your ‘new’ things, one of them had to do with taking a different route to commute. It’s interesting how just changing one thing from our routine creates a sense of refreshment in our day.


  25. amelie88 says:

    I’ve included going to the gym in that rut of daily routine. I was never a gym goer before this year and I completed my undergrad PE requirements kicking and screaming. I’ve been mostly doing zumba and it is so much fun! I am in a much better mood when I go then when I don’t, it’s made a huge difference. In fact, I get disappointed when I don’t get out of work early enough and I miss a class I’m looking forward to.


  26. TamrahJo says:

    Late to the party (as usual) but this a.m. here’s my new things list:
    1. Put a load of laundry in and started housework BEFORE sitting in front of computer, drinking coffee to wake up.
    2. Went through my WordPress “Following List” to click over to my favorites to get caught up INSTEAD of scrolling through my reader, hoping to get caught up with 3 months of missed reading –
    3. Switched to beer after 2 cups of coffee, SINCE it’s Saturday, it rained last night so no watering duties, did my weeding yesterday and can take a nap at 9am if I want to – – – LOL

    Been MIA from WordPress due to life events, but slowly getting caught up – apologize now for the slew of “likes” comments you’ll be getting – but, you’re one of my faves and I must simply click-read-like-perhaps comment- repeat until I get caught up on all I’ve missed!

    Thanks for all the smiles and joy you bring me through your blog!


    • pegoleg says:

      Thanks for making me smile. I’ve been going through a “what’s it all about, Alfie?” phase lately, wondering why I bother to blog, wondering if anybody is listening…kind of blogging existentialism. You really made my day.

      Hope your life events are the good kind (?)


      • TamrahJo says:

        Weeelllll – – sigh – – – I’m sure with the hindsight of 10-20 years these past few months will make perfect sense! LOL Right now, not too happy about the whole mess, but hey! Yellowstone is going to blow at some point, I just have to find ways to be happy/keep myself entertained until that day comes! LOL

        That’s my standard answer to existentialistic dilemmas – in the end, I’m always cheered by the point that no matter what is going on, at some point, it will either be crystal clear why it was so wonderful to work that way or I can at last be done! 🙂

        I hope you understand what a difference your blog makes for me – so if you start questioning ever again, you can reassure yourself, “TamrahJo thinks I’m fab and though she’s sort of flakey in her timing/visits – she’s so very glad I write” and I’m sure there’s scores more who feel the same way!

        Kudos and encouragement your way!


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