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I Didn’t

Today… I didn’t step over the pile of cat-gack on the stairs and leave the clean up for the next unwary morning traveler.  Nor did I yell at Beeby for eating the gack-inducing leaf, even though I specifically warned her … Continue reading

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Announcing, The Personal Mannequin Persuasion System!

“Has this ever happened to you?” (Announcer with quasi-Australian/tent revival preacher voice is heard.) “I’ve only got one hour for my workout, and every treadmill is taken!”  (Middle-aged woman in sweat suit stands by rows of occupied treadmills. Her expression shows level … Continue reading

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Why I Wish I Were An Insect, Temporarily

A fly’s life doesn’t have much to recommend it.  After all, fine dining for flies involves stuff you scrape off your shoes, and they only live about 24 hours.  Nonetheless, the other day I wished I were a fly…on the … Continue reading

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