Take Aim At Annoying Television And Score Big!

The lower the star, the higher the points.

We’ve got pop-up blockers for computers, why not for TV? 

The other night  I was trying to watch a Bergman film on MTV’s weekly Great Films series.   Suddenly, Scutchie popped up from the bottom of the screen to announce that MTV’s groundbreaking program; “Hos and Wannabes Behaving Badly for Money In The Garden State”, was coming on next.

That totally blew my concentration. 

Then they covered up the film’s English subtitles with a teaser for “Hos“.   Scutchie was stretched out on her back, showing the gang how she could pick up extra money, literally, by snagging quarters with her butt-cheeks.   I never did find out why that dwarf was riding through Liv Ullman’s bedroom on a unicycle. 

The practice of networks using pop-up ads to plug their own shows has grown exponentially.  So has viewer annoyance.

That’s why Peg-Co* is proud to announce a revolutionary new invention: Hop-On-Pop, the first pop-up blocker for television.  Now you can “kill”(1) those annoying pop-ups, and develop hand/eye coordination at the same time!  

The secret is in the revolutionary remote control “gun”.   Choose from the Gatling, Uzi, Colt 45 or Water Pistol models.  Children will have tons of fun with the Lolli-Pop.

Choose from a fun selection of remotes!

But the good times don’t stop there.  With a small monthly fee and a Wi-Fi connection, you can join one of our online communities:

  • Gangsta Town
  • Wild West Corral
  • World at War
  • Mr. Googlie’s Sparkly Unicorn Lollipop Land

Test your reflexes against fellow sharpshooters for bragging rights and fun prizes. 

You get points each time you wing a pop-up star before he/she disappears.  Each shot is scored based on a complicated matrix that measures the speed and size of the pop-up, your trigger speed, and how far into his/her 15 minutes of fame the pop-up star is.  A dedicated computer tabulates the scores and posts them to the web community leader board. 

So the next time annoying pop-up ads have you ready to throw your shoe at the TV, whip out your Hop-On-Pop remote instead, and score some fun!

(1)   Hop-On-Pop in no way promotes, defends or encourages sick nut-jobs to actually shoot celebrities.  The use of bulls-eyes is a fun reminder of a carnival game, a visual device to denote “taking aim” to conquer a problem or opponent, which has nothing to do with violence.  It is in no way like the practice of politicians using bulls-eyes to mean…oh wait, that’s what they mean, too.

*Peg-Co is a division of Peg-o-Leg Industries Worldwide, LLC, PhD, Inc.  Patents pending, all rights reserved.  Steal my idea and die a lingering death involving toe-fungus gone horribly awry.

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13 Responses to Take Aim At Annoying Television And Score Big!

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Leave it to the ever-innovative Peg Co. to come up with a high tech version of whack-a-mole. Send me the uzi before The Donald’s hair starts popping up and interupting my soap operas!


  2. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Now that’s great customer service!


  3. The "rooster" says:

    For those of us that like to throw things at the TV, do you have a hand grenade simulator in the pipeline?


  4. That lollipop looks tough to hold.


  5. I wouldn’t mind having a boxing glove that would allow me to punch certain celebrities without damaging my TV. Do you have anything like that in development?


    • pegoleg says:

      Hey, I just found your comment in my spam folder, right after “buy orthopedic pet bed” and “penis enlargement”. No joke -I wonder if the last guy thought he could sneak his comment past the filters because they wouldn’t be expecting the direct approach.


    • pegoleg says:

      P.S. I’ll put your suggestion where I put ALL the really good suggestions. Use your imagination.


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