The Letter

I whipped out a blog post the other day, and then hit Spell Check and Mental Editor as usual.  (The latter is the check-before-hitting-send/print/submit filter that I carry around in my brain.)  Thank goodness I did.  A reference to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face took on a whole, different meaning the way I had typed it: Porker Face.

What a difference the addition of one, tiny vowel or consonant can make in a word.  Like The Box Tops said, sometimes it’s all about The Letter.

Mr. Moister: 80s pop band with a glandular problem sings of their search for love and a truly effective antiperspirant.

Wind Beneath My Swings: A tragic playground accident during a hurricane leaves a young woman searching for inspiration.

Gladys Knight & The Pimps:  One woman is forced to work hard for the money to support 3 freeloaders.

Days of Whine and Roses:  Life is one long bitch-fest for a boozing blogger on a downward spiral.  And she likes flowers.

Two & A Half Omen: The signs pointed to a Charlie Sheen train wreck long before it crashed.

Good Glovin’ Gone Bad: A TSA security guard’s obsession with one, special business traveler ends badly for both.

Knights In White Satin: The dirty little secret King Arthur DOESN’T want you to know.

Baby Phart: Hip, pricey clothing designed for the toddler who needs just a little extra diaper room.

Bead Romance: She knew she shouldn’t give in to her obsession, but she couldn’t stay away…from Hobby Lobby.

The Whom: Rock band explores the musical side of proper English.

Let’s Make A Decal:  Public service announcements designed to get young people to check out less permanent, wearable art before tattooing.

You’re The Cone That I Want: Can a hand-dipped waffle cone find acceptance in a soft-serve world?

Win, Louse or Draw: The laughs never end when contestants race to turn in the best drawing.  The winner gets cash and valuable prizes, while the loser goes home with head lice.

Mr. & Mrs. Smithy: They were an average husband-wife farrier team by day, but by night, they were paid assassins.

When You Swish Upon A Star: The moving story of a young trannie trying desperately NOT to be a real boy.

OK, now it’s your turn.  What have you got for me?

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50 Responses to The Letter

  1. seasweetie says:

    You are too runny for words. Oops, make that funny.


  2. k8edid says:

    I live this…I mean, I love this. You know I am all over the Bead Romance thing, right? I am sitting here staring at my stash of beads singing “Good Loving Gone Bead”…


  3. HomeR on the range: The Simpsons go western.

    Sorry, ’twas the best I could do, I may be back if I come up with a better one. But don’t wait for me…you know, just carry on without me.


  4. bigsheepcommunications says:

    For movie buffs, “Stair Wars”
    For food network lovers, “Cupcake Warts”


  5. I like the band, Three Dong Night – oohhh 🙂 So many possibilities.
    How about the singer Mary Chafin Carpenter. Maybe not.


  6. mistyslaws says:

    Baby GoAt Back: The story of a young kid’s obsession with returning to the family that sold him at market, and his small boy’s quest for him as well.

    Call Me MaybeL: A black housekeeper in the 50’s and her quest to be considered as one of the family, rather than just an employee.

    BJorn this way: Documentary of the great Bjorn Borg and his fabulous tennis career.


  7. Love Baby Phart and You’re the Cone that I want!

    But I gots nuthin’. Nada. zip-a-roo, Pegolicious! You know I can’t think straight this early in the day.

    Although (true story) I am going to write a post about missing Jello Pudding Pops and sing in a vlog a cover of ‘Somebody that I Used to Know’ called: Just a Puddin’ Pop I Used to Know…


  8. These are great! You’re so creative.


  9. Go Jules Go says:

    You’re the Cone that I Want! Oh, that really got me. I have this TERRIBLE habit of typing “do” when I mean “don’t” and vice versa. Or “would” instead of “wouldn’t,” etc. Now THAT is dangerous.

    I mean imagine if I got my hands on that Meatloaf song: I Wouldn’t Do Anything For Love But I Would Do That.”


    • pegoleg says:

      This reminds me, I really like meatloaf and I haven’t made it in a long time. How do you think it would go with bacon?


      • Go Jules Go says:

        PEGGLES. I live for bacon meatloaf. Actually, I make spicy turkey bacon meatloaf. I make the loaf, cover it with strips of bacon, pour a ketchup-brown sugar-sriracha sauce mixture over top and bake it. It’s incredible.

        Do it. (WORDPRESSURE.)


        • pegoleg says:

          I WILL do it, because I’m brave that way. Especially since I recently discovered sriracha sauce. Thanks to you, now I even know how to spell it.

          WORDPRESSure: the pressure to keep up with…no, not those Kardashian chicks, but the uber-talented other bloggers on WordPress. I so, so love this new word


  10. If this doesn’t get you Freshly DePressed again, I don’t know what swill!

    As for mistakes, my motto is: liver and lean!


  11. How do you do this? I could sit here all day and never think of ONE. You do have the best blog ever. 😉 See what I was talking about? (You are sooooo guest posting for me in 2013!)


  12. Oooh! I thought of one. You are the WinE beneath my Wings.

    It’s not very good, but at least thee was a spark of…of… something.

    Now picture that drunk goose. There he goes, all zig-zaggy.

    Whooops. Oh. Oh. Oh.


  13. Amy says:

    Each one of these was more perfect than the last! “When You Swish Upon a Star” – hilarious!
    How about:
    Braising Arizona: An ex-con is on the run after stealing a prized recipe.
    Shellraiser: A beachcomber accidentally opens a door to an alternate reality where shells collect humans.
    Wart of the Worlds: An untreated skin condition threatens humanity.


  14. BillThePraiseAndWorshipGuy says:

    A few shows like that:
    Joklahoma: 3 out of work comedians try their hand at cow-poking, new this fall on CBS
    Little Orphan Arnie: Big bald guy, Daddy Warbucks, takes in orphan, discovers the kid can putt.
    Arsenic and Old Lice: Two old sisters attempt to enter the extermination business with their homemade bug poison, stored in old mason jars.
    American Idle: Millions of people vote on-line for the laziest-ass in the nation.
    Busy at work, so these are all I can think of off the top of my head.


  15. Sandy Sue says:

    Actually, I think you had it right before your spell-checked your spell-check on Lady Gaga.


  16. pattisj says:

    Fights on Broadway-chorus girls running amok
    If I Can’t Have Glue-they’ve already taken my scissors, what’s next?
    Love Me Tinder-the making of an arsonist


  17. judithhb says:

    Hi Leg-o-Peg. Oops fingers on wrong keys again!
    Can’t think of anything nearly as clever as all the other responders but how about
    What’s Amore – The days in the life of two teenagers comparing notes. Or
    The Book of Love – Now maybe that would be useful to the two gals.


  18. great ones all of them. How about
    1- lord of He rings – A moving story about a jeweler who has a massive collection of male-only rings and is trying to make ends meet 🙂
    2- starVE wars – Hunger games in a galaxy far far away
    3- starVE trek – One man’s search for a veg meal
    4- monsoon weEding – A documentary about the plight of farmers in India during monsoon season
    my 2 cents 🙂


  19. Dana says:

    Thinking of even one of these examples probably would have killed me, so I don’t know how you managed to think of so many for a solitary post, Peg! Good on you. 🙂


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