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Feeling Shiny and New

How did your experience go with finding the “new” in life?  Remember, yesterday I challenged each one of you to do 3 new things.  Here’s what I did: 1) To get to the YMCA after work, I usually head west … Continue reading

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Show Me The New!

Spring is busting out all over. Boing! It’s a time of renewal and revival. Time for a new dawn of a new day.   I aim to get me some of that new, and I want you to join me. I’m … Continue reading

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Presumed Stupid Until Proven Otherwise

As citizens of the world, we are forced to touch doorknobs, shopping carts and all sorts of community property every day.  That’s why I’m happy to see these signs popping up in more and more public restrooms. This is a … Continue reading

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Sorry, Did You Say Something?

  People are rude.  By which I mean they won’t drop everything and listen when I’m talking. Family members are the worst offenders. Let’s say my husband is tippity-tappeting on his computer when I approach to share a truly fascinating … Continue reading

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A Brief History Of WordPress As It Pertains To Why I Rarely Get Freshly Pressed Anymore

The beginning Whiz kid Matt Mullenweg sits in his parents’ garage, hunched over a computer he crafted from salvaged parts.  He is anxiously looking for signs of activity on his newly launched blogging site, WordPress. “Hey, we have a subscriber!” … Continue reading

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Bag Ban Scofflaws May Soon Be Saying “Sack It To Me”

Dateline: Chicago June 2014 Three months into Chicago’s total ban on plastic bags, pundits are examining its effects. Having successfully addressed such petty issues as sky-high crime rates, sinking school test scores and potholes big enough to park a Buick … Continue reading

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It Is A Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Indeed!

Five years ago today, my sister Lib had to cancel her annual St. Patrick’s Day party.  Our hometown always has a big parade, and her apartment is right on the parade route, the perfect location for viewing and celebrating.  She … Continue reading

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Is It My Bad If I Feel Bad When My Bad Isn’t Very Bad?

Ungrateful, angry, discontented…I’m sick of dealing with people with these lousy attitudes.  But how can I avoid myself? My friend Deb at The Monster In Your Closet got me thinking.  She does that a lot, and I wish she’d knock … Continue reading

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I’ll See That Wheelchair And Raise You One Prius

Nowadays you have to be a member of a special interest group to park in the same county as your final destination. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge the bits of concrete reserved for people with physical problems.   But … Continue reading

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Sinners & Tiaras

Some of you know my guilty secret of eternal shame, that I love the show Toddlers & Tiaras.That should clue you that I like a little bling.  Sometimes I have trouble balancing my love for the sparkly stuff with my desire … Continue reading

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