To Punxsutawney Phil; A Reasoned Rebuttal


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30 Responses to To Punxsutawney Phil; A Reasoned Rebuttal

  1. And the sun is rising when I drive my son to school at 7 am. Yahoooo!


  2. Last year, the Mayor of New York *dropped* Staten Island Chuck (for real) and poor Chuck died a few days later. This year, the mayor refrained from attending the ceremony.


  3. I like the way you think, Peg.


  4. Yeah to the longer days. That cheers me greatly! I do remember the gloom of CST being one hour behind MI. Back in the day, it was great living in Chicago. I could watch Johnny Carson at 10:30 instead of an hour later. How I loved that show…


  5. One of my favorite things about spring is the slow progression of days with more sunlight. It warms my soul.


  6. lexiemom says:

    Will be 69 tomorrow, and 72 the day after here in February in the ATL. (I love the south.) So, Ppppfffttt to Phil!


  7. List of X says:

    In other way, the winter is coming to an end when we leave the office at 5 and see our own shadow.


  8. Around here we don’t need a groundhog to forecast the weather. All we have to do is walk past the pregnant cat lounging on our back porch. Believe me, Spring is on the way.


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