Saturday Night Frolics With A Ficus

I’m over at The Nudge Wink Report today telling all about how my lousy memory is ruining my social life. Mosey on over there and set a spell.

nudge. wink. report.

pegficusIt’s Saturday night and I’m ready to rock! Chances are good I’ll wind up spending the evening behind a potted ficus instead.

I can’t say I ever had a mind like a steel trap. Even “back in the day” it was more like those plastic live-catch traps where the mouse grabs the bait and skedaddles.   But my mind definitely used to be more trap-like than it is now. My modern day brain, specifically my memory, is more like a cheese board where the only selection is Swiss.

The Crappy Aging Memory Phenomenon (CAMP for short) has hit me especially hard when it comes to remembering names. It’s not that I don’t try. When I’m introduced to someone I repeat their name several times, and then try to create some sort of mnemonic device to get it to stick. The info is gone the moment I turn away.

I’m supposed to…

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5 Responses to Saturday Night Frolics With A Ficus

  1. thursdaynext says:

    Thanks! I’m not alone😁


  2. darthtimon says:

    My memory is terrible. Also, my memory is terrible.

    But enough of that. My memory is terrible.

    Seriously though, I work in a customer-facing sales role, and I might spend an hour with a customer (even visit them to do a measure up), and a few days later they might reappear, and I’ll be scrambling to remember their names. Awkward!


  3. I’ve always been bad at names, even when I was younger! I think it’s mostly that I don’t commit people’s names to memory. My husband works in sales and it’s a skill you have to have to do well. If there were a financial incentive, I might make an effort at it!



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