iPhone 6 Plus A Big Hit Everywhere Except In Your Pants


Runways respond to techno-fashion crisis

The latest gadget has arrived on the scene, and everyone in the world has to have it. Unfortunately, technoistas have already come crashing down from their initial high as reality bites them in the butt.

The humongous new iPhone 6 Plus is too big to fit in anyone’s pocket.

“Woe is we, whatever will we do?” a frightened, fashion-forward populace is heard to cry.

Be not afraid!Β  The fashion world scrambled to address this sartorial crisis and help is on the way.Β  On Fashion Week runways from Milan to New York, designers merged style and substance as never before.

Here’s a sample of the ground-breaking looks being presented for the techno-groovy:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note: “iPhone 6 too big for pockets” comment courtesy of Elyse at Fifty-four and A Half. I’m so glad I have clever friends to swipe ideas from.

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58 Responses to iPhone 6 Plus A Big Hit Everywhere Except In Your Pants

  1. That is funny! The #1 reason I still carry the basic flip phone is because it fits in my purse. Would I like a smart phone? Absolutely – but I’m not buying a new purse to accommodate it.


  2. You are always the first with the trends! (anyone digging out those old phone holsters? Yeah the younger crowd is so not going there…)
    Just hilarious way to start the morning


  3. epicsoloqueen says:

    Designers purposely make girls pockets smaller, so they can make us buy more pricey handbags to keep our stuff in. #hassciencegonetoofar?!?


  4. epicsoloqueen says:

    Reblogged this on epicsoloqueen and commented:
    It’s true!


  5. susielindau says:

    Looks like the iPhone will create its own trend in enormous pockets.


  6. Carrie Rubin says:

    I can’t view the slideshow on my phone. I’ll have to try to stop by later. Jeez, I can’t see the pics, phones are bending—I thought these were supposed to be SMART phones! And yet I still want an iPhone 6…


  7. Elyse says:

    Ah Peg, you’ve given me so many ideas for my new wardrobe that will accommodate my soon-to-be-purchased iPhone 6 Plus. I am wondering just how many of my current outfits the “Crow’s Nest” would work with. Or perhaps I will use the dog harness — I’m sure Duncan wouldn’t chew up the halter or the iPhone. Positive. He hasn’t attacked anything in minutes!


  8. So bigger isn’t always better? Is that what you’re saying? I think I’ll stick with my Samsung Galaxy S4. πŸ˜€


  9. dmswriter says:

    What a hoot! I especially like the model wearing the enormous brown poncho thingy. Just think of how many iPhone 6s she can fit inside. I won’t change my wardrobe for this latest fashion craze, though – me and my Motorola are getting along just fine, so why break up a good thing. πŸ™‚


  10. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy that’s really big and doesn’t fit in most pockets. I like the size so I can see what’s on the screen, but it’s not very portable. And my son wonders why I don’t take it with me when I walk the dog! πŸ˜‰


  11. The girl having the thought in the runway photo would need to wear spanx with two ten-lb bags of potatoes sewn into the back to make her ass look big.


  12. Shannon says:

    Smashing post. Peg. I had to cycle through the photos a 2nd or even 3rd time to fully absorb the captions. The “entire pocket” outfit put me over; I guess iPhone 6 users will have to add one of those to their wardrobe if they want to be hands free at a food buffet.

    Meh. I like a phone that fits neatly into the front pocket of my skinny, hippy jeans (don’t like to carry a purse); not even my (small) smartphone can do that. So it’s a flip phone for me.


  13. Great and funny stuff! Those of us not in the Apple Matrix know that Samsung has been making awesome “phablets” (the S4, S5 and Note) for 2 years. Apple’s new iPhone is sort of a non-event for those of us in Smartphone Zion. Now it’s exactly the same size as my S4 – Steve Jobs would be so not happy about this…. Bonus – the S4 doesn’t bend in the middle! Just swallow the red pill and we’ll come and rescue you!


  14. iPhone 6 = iPad mini in disguise


  15. You are just my cup o’ tea. You always tickle my funny bone. Thanks!!


  16. This is perfect! Ha,ha,ha! Very cleverly done, Peg. πŸ™‚ Maybe this will bring the fanny pack back! YES! #fannypacklover


  17. amelie88 says:

    Oh my god, that last horrid brown outfit! Did you modify it in any way? It looks like a furry condom. Seriously that is the only thing that came to mind. I don’t even know how to describe how I feel when I look at that outfit.


  18. Dana says:

    So you mean I have to get a holster AND a dog if I want the iPhone 6? It’s the fine print that gets me…


  19. Mike says:

    Seen on 7th Avenue: Double-hooded anoraks and rectangular baseball caps.
    See, your fun take has made me giddy – great work.


  20. those collages are hilarious. i feel the same way about the apple ‘watch’ f-ing stupid.


  21. My first question about phones is always, “How is the camera?” If it passes that question, the next is always the pocket test.


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