Becoming The Guardians At The Door; Gone Visiting

Renee at Life In The Boomer Lane  is one of the funniest writers on the interwebz.  Her preferred topic of choice, as you may guess from the title of her blog, is life from the perspective of a Woman Of A Certain Age.  Speaking as a fellow traveler in that lane, I can only say she nails it every time.  Truth with humor.

When she told me about her new venture – hosting guest writers to talk about reality as we age – and asked me to contribute, my first reaction was, “What, don’t you ever sleep, woman?”  My second reaction was to be flattered, mixed with a healthy dose of fear.

This series is about real.  My thing is funny.  Funny makes a pretty good shield to hide behind, so stepping out into the real is a little scary.

My post, Becoming The Guardians At The Door, is up on Life In The Boomer Lane today.  Check it out and, if you don’t know Renee, settle in to stay.

p.s. Head on over there even if you’re under 50.  Who knows…you might learn something, whippersnappers.

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18 Responses to Becoming The Guardians At The Door; Gone Visiting

  1. I’ll be over there shortly, first I’ve got to find my tri-focals. No telling what kind of font this Renee gal might be using.


  2. Whippersnapper you say? I’m going to make the most of that label, as by your reckoning I can wear it for another 8 years, woohoo! Now I shall pop over and see what you have to say on that other chick’s blog…


  3. Heading over – can’t miss that!


  4. You do so many things so well, Peg…
    looking forward to it!


  5. pattisj says:

    I’m on my way!


  6. Tar-Buns says:

    I went, I read, I commented. Your dutiful fan! 🙂


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