Riding The Curl On The Space/Time Continuum

Gnarly, dude.

Have you ever thought about going back in time?  Of course you have.

I don’t want to get all Isaac Asimov on you, but folks who know about these things (smart folks like the ones who used to sit behind you in science class and actually understood all that mumbo-jumbo, although they were clueless about important things like flirting and fashion) say that time is like a giant wave.  The tide pushes it into the shore while simultaneously dragging it back out again.  Time folds in on itself in a never-ending cycle.

As long as science has been wrestling with the “how” of time, the rest of mankind has been pondering the all-important “what”.

                          What would you do if you could turn back the hands of time?

I know what I would do.  I know, because I’ve done it.

You read that right.

I had the chance to hang-ten on the cosmic surfboard of time and I’m here to tell you, it’s not easy to decide how to use such an opportunity.  Should you…

Meet a famous person of the past?

Get romantically involved with someone, hopping back and forth across the barrier of time so they might be a geezer or a child the next time you see them, which runs the risk of being seriously creepy?

Use the extra time to accomplish the things you always meant to do, but never got around to?

Change history, like how Napoleon’s Uncle Rico wanted do-overs on that high-school football game that would have changed his life if the coach had put him in?

I pondered carefully and, in the end, I went with my gut instinct.  When Man forced Nature to do his bidding and the hands of time were miraculously swept back an hour on Sunday morning…I slept in.

How did you handle your time travel?

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49 Responses to Riding The Curl On The Space/Time Continuum

  1. MichaelEdits says:

    Cher sang “If I Could Turn Back Time”


  2. Oh, yeah, that extra hour did me a world of good. An extra hour of me sitting at the breakfast table in my slippers and bathrobe, while grumbling and slurping my coffee and cursing the fact that my kids got up at 5 am. So satisfying!


  3. Running from Hell with El says:

    You’d sleep in, eh? I rather like that idea . . . and seeing what I did with my extra hour yesterday, I suspect I’d go with that option as well!!


  4. madtante says:

    I’d never go back. For my personal life, I don’t have guarantees that doing things differently will bring about an end that I’d prefer and for ‘whimsy,’ being a woman? No.


  5. Al says:

    I finally wrote that mystery novel I never had time to write before. You can read it below.

    “The butler did it!”


  6. ‘Hold-on… I forgot to put in the crystals…’
    *in my best Napoleon*


  7. YEA for sleep…which slows down cell deterioration which is sort of like turning back time according to cosmetic companies?


  8. mistyslaws says:

    That extra hour of sleep was delicious. Especially since Sunday is the hubs’ morning to get up with the kids! Ahhh, sweet sweet sleep.


  9. Tori Nelson says:

    I cleaned my whole house, completed several craft projects, learned Spanish nouns, and… haha. No, I slept in and it. was. GLORIOUS.


  10. You are TOTALLY going to laugh at me, but I clicked on an ad underneath your post — thinking it was part of your post. And I sat there mesmerized because it kind of went with your whole time travel thing. Then my son asked me why I was watching an ad about apps. So, I will tell you what I did. I ignored that time changing thing. I got up at the regular time and I kept going full court press, wrote, and did laundry. Had my mother -in-law over for her birthday dinner and got a ton done! Then I crashed in bed an hour earlier, so I’m extra well-rested today. Feeling good.

    Also, I had went to see how Heath Ledger is doing. He says he’s fine. But I didn’t really believe him. 😉


    • pegoleg says:

      It’s scary how targeted those ads are. Big Brother is definitely watching over us on the interwebz. I THOUGHT you were looking especially refreshed and lovely today, Renee!


  11. Well, I slept in 2 extra hours Sunday and now I’m all behind again!


  12. k8edid says:

    I enjoyed an extra hour of insomnia. Well, enjoyed isn’t exactly correct. It was a long damned hour, that’s all I have to say.


  13. judithhb says:

    Totally fooled me. We moved into summer time several weeks ago and so I wasn’t thinking about that. But started to think what I would do if I could turn back time. Well I think I had better just keep that to myself.


  14. I entirely ignored it and cleaned the kitchen.


  15. Jeff says:

    As I always do, I stayed up later and played games. I tried to sleep in, but, alas, I woke up at the same time I always do on Sunday morning, even though it was an hour earlier.


  16. Margie says:

    I think it takes us about half an hour to change all the clocks in all the things that have clocks. (Why do they put clocks in things that really just need a timer – like the microwave.) That means we waste an hour each year just changing the time on clocks…


    • pegoleg says:

      You know, you’re right! That’s profound. I had to get out the owners manual on my car to figure it out, even though I do this twice a year. Apparently I’m not trainable.


      • Margie says:

        I’m thinking there is a job here for your company – the Peg-Co ‘Clock Resetting Service’. Trained sniffer dogs will track down each and every clock in a household, then a licensed and bonded technician will install the Peg-Co “clock reset peripheral”. The peripherals will connect wirelessly to the Peg-Co App. The dogs will also be able to sniff out bedbugs … should you require more information about the specifics of this business opportunity, please contact your representative at Canuck-Co.


  17. pattisj says:

    I’m pretty sure I slept through it.


  18. Go Jules Go says:

    Ha! If I could go back in time, I would go back to the moment when the previous homeowners took the generator that was supposedly hooked up to power most of the house during outages.

    Kidding. I’d go back in time and steal the Reese’s peanut butter cup idea and market it as my own.


  19. I basically got up two hours early. That was one LONG day. Time is relative…for sure!


    • pegoleg says:

      It DOES seem to be relative. It hangs heavy on your hands when waiting for something great to happen, and flies like the wind when you’re dreading something (like Monday morning.)


  20. Tar-Buns says:

    I sorta slept that extra hour Sunday morning. It really is all relative. That night, when it was dark at 5:30pm, I was NOT HAPPY.

    I truly hate the short daylight hours. Especially in the evening.

    Grumble, grumble, grumble…
    Love ya!


  21. Angie Z. says:

    Aw, how clever! Certainly did not see that ending coming, even though I am reading it a week late. You are so the wittiest of witties.

    People who invented daylight saving’s time obviously never had a toddler to have to deal with at 5:00 a.m. on a Sunday. “No, really, it’s not morning yet! You just think it is because this is when morning occurred yesterday, but today morning starts at a different time! See? Look at the clock over there!” Between my three-year-old and me, I don’t know which of us seemed more illogical last Sunday.


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