Biggest Loser: Family Edition. Partying In Hell

Party in hell.


I have discovered an appetite suppressant that is easy, low-tech, requires no special food and costs nothing.

All you have to do is suffer the burning agonies of hellfire.

Most participants in the family weight loss challenge were in Michigan last weekend to celebrate the high school graduation of my nephew, Andy. Before we gathered for the celebration, however, we gathered for a jam-packed day of preparation. In the middle of one of the worst heat waves to ever hit the Midwest. In a church hall that was not blessed with air conditioning.

The tables were laden to groaning with a sumptuous array of homemade goodies. It was a veritable banquet, fit for a king. Creamy salads, chicken, pork sandwiches and au gratin potatoes fought for table-space with sugary snacks, a yummy cake and the most decadent double chocolate brownies this choco-addict has ever laid eyes upon.

And yet…

After a day spent cooking in the hall kitchen I was barely tempted by the goodies. In fact, the thought of stuffing food into my sweat-stained, beet-red face made me slightly nauseated. I survived the day by volunteering to refill beverages every 15 minutes. These were kept in the walk-in cooler, a wintry wonderland of chilly delight.

So instead of the weight gain I was dreading, I actually managed to lose ½ a pound over the weekend. I imagine most of my sisters shared my loss, as they shared – more than shared – the workload.

The brownies not only looked divine, they had magical properties. I bumped into them everywhere. Whenever I sat down during the party, a brownie appeared before my nose. When I went to my car, there was a brownie on the dashboard. Brushing my teeth before bed – a brownie in the medicine cabinet.

My brother-in-law Pat had, with a hearty smile, offered to fetch me one early in the day. My “no, thanks” wiped that fake smile off his face PDQ. Coincidence? I think not.

Judy strolled into the party looking fab – obviously she has been holding out on her weight loss progress. Naturally I am happy for her (trying to turn my teeth-gritted grimace into a smile).

Sister-in-law Lisa admitted that her Chicago vacation resulted in a 3-pound weight gain. Too bad, so sad. But as this was reported along with the news that she had managed to re-lose the vaca gain already, I was not encouraged.

Terry stayed the same, but that’s pretty good considering her hectic social schedule for the week. Mary Kay reported she lost 3 pounds this week, as did I. Or at least I think I did. Weigh in day has been changed to Wednesday and I can’t keep straight which day I weighed what. I guess I should keep a log.

Nobody else reported in this week. It should be obvious by now that my family is not much for following the rules.

In fact, everybody is so casual about the whole thing, I think I should make sure the cash and valuable prizes are collected now and kept under lock and key by a disinterested third party – perhaps that accounting firm that does the Academy Awards? Otherwise, come the end (which date has yet to be determined), all the booty will have disappeared in a haze of vague, half-promises and I will have suffered the Summer of the Diet Damned for nothing more than a hot, healthy body.

We can’t have that, now, can we?

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16 Responses to Biggest Loser: Family Edition. Partying In Hell

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    I love these updates because the “oh, you look great! so happy for you!” attitude to everybody’s face. My sister lost 50 pounds last year (when I was at my most bootylicious), and I did the same thing! That’s awesome (meaning: I hate you!). You look fabulous (meaning: I hate your skinny pants!). And last but not least, Keep up the good work (meaning: I hope you trip into a vat of Crisco and gain 20 lbs. through atmospheric absorption). Ahh, family love.


    • pegoleg says:

      You mean my real, insanely jealous desire to be the skinny sister is showing? So ashamed, so ashamed.

      I’ve always suspected that atmospheric absorption was at work when I gain weight merely by passing a bakery. Thanks for the scientific validation, Tori. Here’s hoping your sister gains back 40 pounds, but in a really healthy way.


  2. Jane says:

    I remember brownies with “magical” properties in the 70’s!


  3. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Honestly, I’d rather be fat than spend any time in great sweaty outdoors lately, but you’re right, it is an appetite-killer.


  4. misswhiplash says:

    DETERMINATION is what you need. This has nothing to do with Willpower which wilts as time progresses. DETERMINATION everybody has if they really want to do something. So be determined that you will succeed and you will do it. Believe me ,I know

    Sweat and Tears keep at it 100%


  5. Margie says:

    Some people can eat a whole plate of brownies and not gain an ounce. Some can just look at the brownies and gain 5 pounds. Determination and pep talks are all very fine and well, but brownies know whose hips they want to live on, and nothing will stop them from going there!


  6. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Apparently, my hips are brownie paradise : (


  7. pegoleg says:

    Mine are brownie Mecca, so the brownies are kinda fanatical about getting there!


  8. egills says:

    Listening ( or rather reading ) your comments and praise given to your family has now given me a final understanding into what my sister-in-laws have always been saying to me at reunions ( being the skinny one since getting ill 11 years ago ). Now that was a quick way to loose weight – I dropped 5 dress sizes in 2 months and it’s taken me 11 years to get up to British 10-12!
    So next time they say “wow, you look fantastic” I know they really mean “I hate you” 🙂


  9. I thought you were trying to make the booty disappear…? 😉 Keep it up! Heat does make it easier!


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