We’re Havin’ A Heat Wave; A Tropical Heat Wave

The simple joys of nature.

Ode To A Tree In Summer

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
While lying in a leafy glade
In summer’s heat, the blessed shade.

But when dog days get even hairier,
I long, instead, for Willis Carrier.
Cuz when the temp hits 103,
I’d rather chill with my A/C.

*Many heartfelt thanks to Willis Carrier, the inventor of the modern air conditioner.
Abject apologies to poet Joyce Kilmer, the author of “Trees”.

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21 Responses to We’re Havin’ A Heat Wave; A Tropical Heat Wave

  1. MKC says:

    That picture looks like me. As one who does NOT have A/C, I’ve learned all kinds of tricks but maybe losing all that sweat is good for the weight challenge. I have to look on the positive side!


  2. bigsheepcommunications says:

    I will second that thanks to Willis Carrier and perhaps erect a shrine in his honor.


  3. Tori Nelson says:

    We were without air for two days. We paid a bajillion bucks to get it fixed, and the first time I walked into my ice cold house I happy cried a little 🙂


  4. Jane says:

    I have always said it’s never too hot for me. Well guess what….it’s to d*mn HOT for me!


  5. winsomebella says:

    I would rather be in -10 degrees than in 90+ degrees. I melt like the Wicked Witch.


  6. you know what, im stuck in england and i wish we were having a heat wave. we are having monsoons!


    • pegoleg says:

      Be careful what you wish for – you could end up with a heat wave AND a tidal wave. It rained here the other day and, while I was glad to get a little water in the dry ground, it stayed in the 90s while raining. Yuck!

      Stay dry and keep your rowboat handy!


  7. egills says:

    I suppose the upside to it never getting that hot is we don’t need to fork out loads of money for air con. It would be nice if it stayed slighty drier over the weekend though.


  8. It’s so hot and humid my fingers are sticking to the keys of my computer and my synapses have congealed. It’s so hot, that that was my lame attempt at a clever response. And people doubt Global Warming?

    Great poem and even greater that you came up with it during this eternal inferno!


  9. I moved from Philadelphia to Maine (as opposed to the Carolinas or Florida) for a reason!! I’m fighting a golden retriever and two cats for first dibs on the cool air from the AC. If I don’t hurry and get there first, I wind up with three shades of fur stuck to my clammy skin!!


  10. Tar-Buns says:

    A few years back we had to replace our 60 year old furnace and that’s when life in hellish heat was made bearable. Central air was installed. How do I love thee, oh AC? Think I would be insane without it. Only problem is I don’t want to go anywhere for too long for fear I will spontaneously combust. Tomorrow will only be in the 90s, not like today’s 107+ heat index. Next week maybe I can attack the weeds. Not today.


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