Dear Travelocity

Stampede over to the Nudge Wink Report today and hear how Travelocity and their interwebz marketing brethren are making my life miserable. Curse the dastards!

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It ain't easy to run in heels. It ain’t easy to run in heels.

Dear Travelocity,

It’s over between us.

I stopped by your site last week to look at hotels for a possible weekend getaway in Chicago.  Now you won’t leave me alone.   I got two emails from you just this morning asking about my Chicago vacation plans.   I don’t HAVE any such plans.  Those emails arrived in the same batch as one from TripAdvisor, their 15th in the last 2 weeks suggesting not-to-be-missed B & Bs in the San Francisco Bay area.  My mouse must have accidentally hovered over that option on their site a couple of weeks ago.

You’re chasing me like a starving lion after a wounded wildebeest.  Before you can get to me, though, you’ll have to elbow aside the relentless stalkers from Staples.  Their ads hawking paper shredders have been following me throughout the internet ever since I made the…

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9 Responses to Dear Travelocity

  1. elvagreen123 says:

    Funny post, but please know you are not alone. I was looking at bracelets for my daughter and they showed up on youtube!


  2. Can feel your pain with this one. So much data analysis and sharing has gotten spooky.
    (Oddly, just finished tomorrow post on a similar marketing stalking. Yours is has much more imagery…love the wildebeast and the hookers comparisons)


  3. Always love your insights, Peg. I, too, am leery of the constant tracking of my whereabouts on the interzweb. What to do?


  4. lisakunk says:

    I get it. Just spent two days with Expedia booking and not booking and my in-box is overwhelmed even more than it was.


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