Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Which way to the beach?

While flipping through a glossy new-car brochure, I came across a vehicle colored Champagne Sand.   The implication was that I (and a fantasy companion) could be sipping champagne on a smooth, sandy beach if only we had this car to get us there.  That mental picture beats the heck out of a trip to the grocery store, which is what a photo of a Beige mini-van usually inspires. 

The colors of my life are often dull.  Sometimes they’re downright disgusting.  Maybe it’s just the way I’m looking at things.  Applying a bit of Madison Avenue razzle-dazzle might improve my outlook.

  • The cat threw up all over the carpet.  Knowing that Beeby has been frolicking in a Field of Young Clover will make cleanup a snap.
  • The knife slipped while I was chopping onions.  That bright ribbon of Cherries Jubilee unfurling on the kitchen counter gives me great ideas for our next remodel.
  • Someone left a used Q-Tip by the bathroom sink again.  I can’t help but admire its rich shade of English Toffee as I chuck it in the trash.
  • Too much asparagus for dinner.  What a pleasant surprise when a midnight trip to the loo reveals a stream of Pea Pea Green.
  • With roots this lovely shade of Mouse Coat Gray, I’m in no hurry to call my hairdresser
  • Just because every wall in the house is painted Polar Bear Lumbering Through A Snowy Landscape, doesn’t mean I’m a cowardly decorator.
  • The hirsute guy on the treadmill in front of me has a big tuft of hair sticking through a hole in the back of his t-shirt.  The Wire Brush Black hair provides a vivid contrast with his white shirt.

It’s just a matter of having the right attitude!  With my new outlook, the next time life hands me lemons, I’ll make lemonade – colored Yesterday’s Urine Yellow.

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29 Responses to Somewhere Under The Rainbow

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Why just yesterday I transformed my Cloudy Day roots to Dark Chocolate Brown. I’m still working on how to transform the Midnight Sky rings under my eyes.


  2. Jackie says:

    The English Toffee Q-tip is gross. Really gross. What a fantastic post topic – kudos!


  3. Jane says:

    Happy Monday:) I like a little Peg o’ leg to start the week!


  4. egills says:

    Funny you should mention the semi detachment of the index finger… I obviously needed some decorating ideas that or practice in applying stitches 🙂


  5. Al says:

    Great blog pegoleg, but the next time you use my image please ask my permission first.


  6. Tori Nelson says:

    Haha! Love it. Now, I will sit and try to refrain from offering my shades of poo poo diapers and mystery stains just encountered.


  7. To be fair, the minivan is kind of a pinkish-beige, so at least I can see where they got the name.
    This is better than naming a street something like “Meadow Blossom Way” when it is actually in the middle of a paved downtown area.


    • pegoleg says:

      That drives me crazy. I remember when my aunt & uncle had one of the first houses going up in a new sub-development in the middle of a bunch of corn fields. The street was Whispering Pine Hills and there were neither pines nor hills anywhere in sight. I never heard any whispering, either.


  8. Sandy Sue says:

    I’m partial to the Q-tip paintbrush taken after grooming my cats—Chocolate Frosting.


  9. Gee, Peg…I was always losing our beige Dodge Caravan in parking lots…now I’ll have to look for the Champagne Sand one…
    My roots are Mouse Coat Gray too…that will be remedied next week when I finally visit my hairdresser!
    I’m really glad my fiancé puts his Q-Tips where they belong when he’s finished…ewww!


    • pegoleg says:

      My Toyota is that color, and there’s another one just like it in the same block where I work. I always have to look twice before I approach the car, but the other day I actually stuck my key in the door lock before I figured out I had the wrong car. Jeesh!


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