Islands In The Stream

I’m over at the Nudge Wink Report today, complaining about highway driving. Again. Maybe I should just stay home.

nudge. wink. report.

I'm the one leaning out the car window, shaking my fist and shooting death beams from my eyes. I’m the one leaning out the car window, shaking my fist and shooting death beams from my eyes.

Dear Guy Camping Out In the Middle Lane of the Highway,

You probably don’t remember me as you seemed totally oblivious to anything around you, but mine was the car stuck directly behind you for eons* on the highway the other day.

Traffic was heavy, but not stop-and-go.  If that were the case it wouldn’t have mattered where you hung out.  No, traffic was heavy, but it was moving…until it reached you.  You had pitched your tent in the middle lane and there you stayed going a steady, unwavering 60 miles per hour.  The speed limit was 70.  And I was stuck behind you going a steady, unwavering 60 miles per hour because traffic was whizzing by us going 75  miles per hour in both the right and left lanes.  I could…

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11 Responses to Islands In The Stream

  1. judithhb says:

    Amazing how inconsiderate some people are. post Peg


  2. Elyse says:

    I was just here to leave a “like” when a Range Rover ad came on! Folks who drive Range Rovers probably don’t camp out in the middle lane!


  3. Sometimes it just makes you wanna scream!! I don’t get road rage, but I sure understand it! lol


  4. PiedType says:

    And I wonder why road rage happens …


  5. hiro812 says:

    I need to calm down and breathe deeply.


  6. Dana says:

    …that is what we are, no one in between, how can we be wrong, sail away with me to another world, and we rely on each other uh huh, from one lover to another uh huh, baby when I met you there was peace unknown, I set out to get you with a fine toothed comb —– dammit, dammit, dammit, thanks a lot, Peg!


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