Kanye Krashes Kompetition

Can you spell, "jerk"?

Can you spell, “jerk”?

The music industry’s elite were astonished to see history repeat itself yesterday at the Grammy’s when Kanye West rushed the stage to demand winner Beck forfeit his Album of the Year award in favor of Beyoncé.

“It was Deja vu all over again,” said one onlooker who had witnessed a similar scene a couple of years ago when megalomaniac Kanye tried to wrest Taylor Swift’s award from her.

In the aftermath of the show, reports have started coming in from numerous sources claiming that Kanye had done the same thing to them.

Perhaps the most damning account is that involving young Hannah Prebonowski from John F. Kennedy Junior High in Springfield, Ohio.   Hannah correctly spelled the word “taupe” to snag first place honors in the 6th grade spelling bee.  Her teacher, Mrs. Stumpleforth, described what happened next.

“I had just passed out the ribbons to the first, second and third place finishers, when the door to the classroom suddenly burst open and Kanye West rushed in – I couldn’t believe it!” Mrs. Stumpleforth exclaimed. “He was screaming, “No way! Beyoncé shoulda won this, you mutha *$&%@^#   You know it, I know it, everybody know it. She was robbed, bitch!”

According to Mrs. Stumpleforth, the Beyoncé-obsessed star then ran to the front of the classroom, knocked the other children aside and snatched the blue ribbon out of Hannah’s hand.

The 11-year-old was too shook up to say much more than that the experience was, “kinda scary.”kanyekimbutt

Mr. West’s publicist read a prepared statement from the “artist”. “This is $#%^@*(.   Just let a brother get a little success and everybody wants to bring him down. Look what happened to Bill Cosby.”

Kanye himself could not be reached for comment as he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, were at the photographer having pictures taken for their annual Christmas card.

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79 Responses to Kanye Krashes Kompetition

  1. Al says:

    I just dialed Kanye to tell him about this post. His response: “That beeyatch, Peg, no way she deserves to be Freshly Pressed! Beyonce’s blog is way better. Peg and Bush got no respect for the blacks. No Christmas card for her a–!”

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  2. Jessie Reyna says:

    He should have his own awards show “The Kanye Awards” only to have Kanye win them all himself.

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  3. Elyse says:

    Oh lord. Can we just push all these folks off the lifeboat? Please?

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  4. Keep waiting for his 15 minutes to be over..
    Even Today’s weather man Al went on a tirade asking “What is wrong with you, Kanye?” No doubt Kanye believes Al doesn’t know which way the wind blows…but Bayawnche does and should be on in that spot. She could weather all with style

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  5. Carrie Rubin says:

    Two times he’s done this now? I’m not sure how large an ego it takes to get up on stage and ruin someone else’s moment, but I imagine it has to be pretty large. :/

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  6. pmahaney says:

    I just don’t know where Kanye finds the time! I myself only recently took up this new pastime of stage-crashing. But getting on stages at as many locations as possible on any given day, and then wrestling away awards that should otherwise go to my hero, Justin Bieber, has become an almost exhausting exercise. Peg, if I might press upon you, do you think you could possibly obtain for me an address from Kanye, that I might contact him for pointers? Oh—and please tell Mr. West that I admire the work that he does grabbing these awards from the undeserving. Thank you Peg.

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  7. Of course, with all the camera coverage at the Grammy’s, this silly incident was captured for the enlightenment and education of posterity to be included with the painting of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, film footage from World War II, and the recent films about Stephen Hawkings. The question to ponder for today is why the so called news media insists on plastering television screens and the internet with this footage. The event that was newsworthy awarding the winner. Why wasn’t that footage simply suppressed without comment. As a member of the “the public” that silly incident was not information that I need to know.

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  8. Kim and Kanye deserve each other. A total waste of oxygen.

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  9. papatony08 says:

    You would have thought that by now fellow artists would have knocked him down a few pegs and brought him back to reality. It’s truly not fair to the entertainer (artist) who actually won the award. Mayne he should not be allowed back . . .like with a restraining order!

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    • pegoleg says:

      You’re so right. Why doesn’t the rest of the community tell him where to get off? I’m surprised Jay Z doesn’t say “keep your hands on your own wife, and your eyes off of mine.”

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  10. i8there4irun says:

    If only there were a sinkhole big enough to swallow him AND his ego! Can not STAND that guy! His talent is much smaller than his ego.

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  11. It’s not Beck’s fault that the Grammy voters screwed up and gave him an award which should have been given to the artist of Kanye’s choosing. This is one of the many reasons that I avoid award shows. As for the spelling bee, I’m not so sure how many major recording artists could have spelled taupe, though I’m sure they could work it into a song, after all, it rhymes with rope, dope and cantaloupe.

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    • pegoleg says:

      All I know is that my daughter would probably have gone all the way to the Scripps Howard Spelling Bee in Washington DC in 6th grade if she hadn’t been knocked down to 3rd place at the county-wide spelling bee by that word. So I can sympathize with Kanye on that one.

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  12. If only Kanye would win an award so I could rush the stage to humiliate him and and tell him he’s not worthy! But sadly, that will never happen as this man has zero talent.

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  13. I can only imagine what will happen when little North West gets old enough to try out for American Idol.


  14. Jerk is right. Although, I can think of a few other things I’d like to call him. We have to remember that this is the man who’s fans believe he gave Sir Paul the big break of his career. *shaking head*


  15. Now that’s the man that I want to have father my children!


  16. susielindau says:

    I have never watched more than twenty minutes of the Grammy’s and that was as long as I watched this year. I’m cutting down to 15 next year.
    When are they going to ban him?


    First off this post is so awesome… hilarious! Secondly, this guy has to be the biggest fucking douche out there. Why he hasn’t been banned from these awards shows is beyond any comprehension. Maybe someone will do something about it now. What a worthless, bully, piece of shit.

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  18. franhunne4u says:

    Kan ye all stop talking about this nil-event now 😉


  19. charliekb says:

    The same thing happened to me when I tried to collect my 30m backstroke certificate in year 7!


  20. Nicole Roder says:

    Hilarious, Peg! This could be in The Onion. 🙂


  21. koehlerjoni says:

    Kanye knew exactly what he was doing. Can’t get any good publicity, so… gotta feed North, and Kim’s backside.

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  22. Can I get in quick with the best comment award before HE swoops in and steals it? I say “quick”, but you posted this yesterday…I say “best”, but…well, I want an award NOW anyway.


  23. HA HA HA HA HA!!! Well said and hilarious as usual. If I hear one more person defend Kanye and call him a “genius”, I will for sure PUKE! Estupido!


  24. LMAO..,Oh, am I allowed to say that here? If not, my bad sorry. He tries, not certain what or for what reason, but I think it is to remain relevant in a house full of women who have all but forgotten his name.


  25. mistyslaws says:

    Here’s the thing….at this point, I fear what will happen when/if Beyoncé ever DOES win. Will he set off fireworks, streak naked across the stage and finally climax? I fear for us all should that ever happen.


  26. I’m so sorry Snoopy had to witness that scene. I hope he writes a mean-girl song about Kanye.


  27. amelie88 says:

    How DARE you insult Yeezus? (the name of his latest album I believe) He isn’t gonna let you finish your post because Beyonce had the best Instagram of all time. OF ALL TIME.


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