In The Merry Month Of June

It’s a brand new month!  When you think of June, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

1)      Summer vacation starts
2)      Father’s Day
3)      Weddings
4)      Graduations
5)      Peg-o-Leg

Ha ha!  Trick question.  Of course it’s me, because Darla at She’s A Maineiac has chosen me as her Bloggah of the Month. But that other stuff is important, too.

I first met Darla (or Dorkla, as she prefers to be called) over at Good Greatsby’s caption contest.  She was bringing home the trophy every, single week and I couldn’t stand it anymore.  Words were exchanged.   Tensions escalated and bloggers divided into two camps.  We met in an alley and I don’t know who pulled a knife first, but what followed was a deadly ballet to the finish.  It ended with Darla cradling my dead, cold body in her lap and singing (hitting high notes that caused dogs to howl) about how someday we would all be friends.

And someday came, and we were best friends, and I wasn’t dead anymore.

You no doubt already enjoy Darliciousness’ comedy stylings, unless you live a joyless life of  soul-sucking misery.   She did My Life Is A Scream,  and What A Woman Really Wants.  She is world renowned for vlogs that run the gamut of fascinating subjects including, but not limited to, actual baton twirling. She was the winner of the coveted Jacket writing competition on this very blog.  She is also one of 32 blogs selected by WordPress as a Recommended Family Blog.  Top 32 out of the 20 bazillion people who hang their blogging shingle out on WordPress. Major, I know.

After the initial euphoria at the honor, I got around to reading the fine print on the contract.  This gig entails:

1)      no money
2)      writing a post for her while she sits around eating  Doritos
3)      said post to involve lots of work and soul-baring
4)      cleaning the monkey cage for Mr. Skittles every day
5)      no money

Despite this, I am truly honored to be featured on She’s a Maineiac.  Head on over to Miss Darlinkidinkidoo’s and read Firsts and Lasts, which is all about…me.  You’ve got all month to do so.

About pegoleg

R-A-M-B-L-I-N-G-S, Ram...Blin!
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52 Responses to In The Merry Month Of June

  1. Already been there. So great. You really are a superstar!


  2. If only we could meet up in that alley again, Miss Pegolego and fight another caption battle. Mr. Skittles is MIA, poor lil’ guy. This time around I promise I serenade your lifeless body with a personal favorite: “I am in the eye in the sky….lookin atchooooooo….I can read your mind…..”

    Oh and (crunching noisily) thanks a million for (gulping) doing this for me, I realize you’re busy with minor things like work and all (more crunching, more wiping away of Dorito dust) so I totes ‘preciate it, dude.


    • Nagzilla says:

      I’m giving you bonus points for using “Eye in the Sky” as your serenade. Alan Parsons Project just doesn’t get enough props anymore.


    • pegoleg says:

      Still no sign of Mr. Skittles? That’s tragic.
      Serenading with Eye In The Sky is good, but it might not fit in with the West Side Story vibe I got going with this whole metaphor (or is it a simile? I get those confused.)

      Thanks for hosting me over at your place. Rereading some of your stuff this weekend when I was typing up my spiel had me laughing out loud – you are truly gifted, Miss Darla.


  3. mistyslaws says:

    Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.

    Wait, what do you mean there’s no T-shirt? What the hell did I send money over there for then? Oh damn, what a rip-off!! Sigh. Ok, fine . . . I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the experience of reading your blogger of the month post. That will just have to do. Good thing you are so darn funny Pegalicious!!


  4. Al says:

    So that was the second coming that I use to read about in all those little kiddie bible stories.

    As soon as I finish reading her vlogs, I’ll check out some of her blogs.


  5. Congrats! Now I’m following you, thanks to Darla. So…dont be creeped out.


  6. I’ve already altered my calendar. It now says – January, February, March, April, May, Peg-o-Leg, July, August, September…


  7. I’m on my way over…


  8. Jackie says:

    I like a whole month to complete a task. And I’ve already knocked it off the to-do list! Man, June is looking good.


  9. Jackie says:

    Oh, and your link is broken – I had to go to her page less conveniently. But it was worth it for you, Peg. 😉


  10. Elyse says:

    You didn’t get any money for doing Darla?


  11. rachelocal says:

    Darka Denise is THE BEST – I’m glad you two kissed and made up.


  12. Must have a parade in celebration…or at least a conga line…a long line of ants across the floor – oh, you get the idea: congrats!
    (and keep the Doritoes away from the monkey….cleaning the cage is enough of an effort.)


  13. The two of you have excellent taste in bloggers and prizes! 😉


  14. Ooo… this sounds very cool, Peg! I’ll have to check it all out!
    Also now I kind of want Doritos.
    And Skittles.


  15. Congratulations once again! I loved reading all your firsts. 🙂


  16. pattisj says:

    I shall have to check that out. You really get around…


  17. Blogdramedy says:

    Ah…a good old fashioned knife fight. I miss those days. Jet and Sharks cutting and slicing to some really musical music. Tell us…are you a Jet or a Shark?


  18. Awww…Freshly Pegged becomes the Maine event at Darla’s. Congratulations! Ohhh…I have an earworm now ♪We belong to a mutual world…admiration society…our baby Darla and me♫


  19. Mary K. says:

    Loved the visual of you in the car singing-it’s so you! Nice rundown on what our Peg is all about.


  20. speaker7 says:

    Your and Darla’s origin story is a thing of beauty.


  21. Been there, did that…thought it was spectacular.


  22. Dana says:

    Perfect! It’s like a combo deal featuring two of my fave bloggers AT THE SAME TIME. Heading over there now!


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