Peg-o-Clio Award Hangs In The Balance

Did you watch the Clio Awards results show on TV last night?  The creativity shown in those advertisements is mind boggling.  That’s why the Clio has long been considered the pinnacle of achievement in the advertising world…until now.

Move over Clio; make room for the Peg-o-Clio.  There’s a new advertising award sheriff in town.

You (yes, I’m talking to you; you there, in front of that computer), can be in the running for this prestigious award.  All you have to do is go over there on the right..see where that picture of the whatchamacallit is?  Click on that picture and enter your ad copy in the comment box.  Tell me what it takes to sell this to the gullible buying public.

Hordes of sheep enlightened purchasers are just dying to buy this whosit, if only they knew what it was.

People are looking to you to guide them in the all-important question: what to get Uncle Ray and Aunt Minnie for Christmas? Convince them that this thingamabob is the greatest gift they’ll ever give in this lifetime and you’ll help hundreds, nay, thousands of lemmings your fellow man.

The deadline is tomorrow!  Gasp!  Where has this week gone? Get your entry in by Friday, 7/27 at 12 (noon) central time.

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R-A-M-B-L-I-N-G-S, Ram...Blin!
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36 Responses to Peg-o-Clio Award Hangs In The Balance

  1. Love Mad Men. Love writing copy. Love you. (How did you add that cool little ‘About pegoleg’ thingy-dingy in your post?


    • pegoleg says:

      Hey, where the heck did that come from? No, really, I never saw it before.

      Yesterday I noticed on somebody else’s blog that when you hover over the avatars some give a little blurb, and others say “view complete profile”. So I went into my avatar profile and added some verbiage, but I didn’t know it would show up here on the blog. Cool.


      • It is cool. I just figured it out. All kinds of stuff changin’ on my blog this morning. Tired of the same ol’, same ol’…

        It’s almost the weeeekennnnnnd, Pegashizzle!


        • pegoleg says:

          I just went over and checked it out – very snazzalicious My Darla Clementine!

          My sisters, Tar and MK are coming for the weekend- can’t wait. But since they’re my OLDER sisters, I’ve got to dash home at noon and clean the heck out of my hell-hole of a house!


          • Older?? So you’re the baby of the family?? Hm??

            Ah, the heck with cleaning. They probably know you well enough by now to know your housekeeping abilities. (I kid…I just cleaned my entire house last week for my older brother and his wife)


        • pegoleg says:

          Nah – I’m from a family of 9 kids and we tended to be lumped in packs of 3. MK, Tar and I are the oldest known, collectively, as “the big girls”. It’s funny when my 6’+ brothers still call us that.


  2. Entered. Send me my prize now. I’m very competitive. Dammit.


  3. I’m biting my nails here waiting for the announcement, and trying to work out when 12 noon central time is here in the UK. Let’s’s 9am here, and we’re ahead of you by…erm…some hours or so, minus the number I first thought of…divided by…oh but hang on, 12 noon central time is only when the competition closes, we still have to factor in the judging time, so…let’s see… Damn it, just hurry up and tell us who won!


    • pegoleg says:

      Patience! Patience! All good things come to those who wait. Besides, shouldn’t you be busy renting out your tool shed for $1000 per night to Olympic visitors?


  4. mj monaghan says:

    Peg-O-Roo, I added my entry yesterday on the Whatchamacallit post. Cheers to all of us contestants!


  5. Angie Z. says:

    Does it seem parasitic that I am looking forward to the results of this even though I never entered?


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