Campaign Update

Dear Oprah

The initial response to Operation: Dear Oprah has been gratifying.  Thank you to those of you who have committed to the Campaign!  Who are in it to win it, here for the long haul.  Wait – this might be scaring people away.  A fleeting interest is ok, too.  We just want to get word to Oprah.

My cousin Steve sent Oprah a nice note about the blog being “an interesting and entertaining account”, and stuff about “concomitant benefits”.  Really great stuff, Steve, thanks so much! 

However, we want most emails to Oprah without a lot of $5 words.  I am trying to convince her that I am Everywoman, so she needs to see how my blog would appeal to stupid people as well.  Do you know any?  If so, please direct them to my blog and, specifically, The Campaign.  You may have to help them with the execution of this – explain the concepts and the mechanics.

Someone asked, “But what do you want me to say to Oprah?”

Good question.  I guess I should have thought of that.  Here is a sample letter  when writing to Oprah on her magazine’s website:

Dear Oprah,

First of all, I really love your work! (Complimentary opening to get her buttered up)

The only thing you are lacking is a funny blog to expand your cyber presence.  These days, it’s all about the internet! (Recognizing a marketing need).

I’ve found the perfect blog for you: 

 Peg’s writing has an Erma Bombeck feel to it, but with a modern twist that your readers would love!     

This blog is sweeping the internet, which is how I discovered it.  Peg is not my relative, so this is a totally unbiased review.  (Unless I AM your relative, in which case you could say “and even though Peg is my relative, I don’t really like her, so this is a totally unbiased review.)

Please check out and ask Peg to join your team.


(insert your name here)

The parts in parentheses are just for explanation, and should NOT be included in your letter to Oprah.  I cannot stress this enough.   You should customize this to give it your own voice.

Please post my link on your Facebook pages.  Working together, we can get this to go bacterial!

Thanks for your support-


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1 Response to Campaign Update

  1. Libertarian says:

    E-mail Oprah today!! It only takes a minute… help dear Peg’s dream of being a blogger on Oprah Winfrey’s website, by clicking here and writing a short letter giving Peg a plug!!


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