Chasing My Dreams

My mother-in-law, Virginia and I went to see a stage performance of “A Chorus Line” in Joliet last night.  What a great show!   This wasn’t just community theater, but a professional cast.   Reminded me of when I saw “Fame” in college.   My friends and I burst out of the theater, singing and dancing down the street.  I had found my calling, and I vowed that nothing was going to stop me!

30 years later, I was struck by the same resolve, as I exited the Rialto along with a sea of blue-haired music lovers, clad in sensible Rockports and white athletic shoes and unsteadily jostling their walkers to be the first out because it was almost 11 pm.   I (almost) danced across the street to the all-handicapped lot which had been set up for the occasion.  

I vowed to give up the insurance business to seek my fortune on the mean streets of New York.  Not gonna let little things like age, obesity and lack of talent keep me from pursuing my dream!

Speaking of dreams, some may know that, for about a year, I have been handcrafting purses and pins from repurposed wool.  (That’s a really trendy way of saying I use old sweaters, which I hope will appeal to the upwardly mobile, $$ spending, green conscious fashionistas that I want to attract.)  Besides giving pins away to any in the family who expressed an interest, I haven’t done anything with this.  The stock is stacking up around the abode.

Enter my sister Lib, fellow dreamer and my new business manager.  She volunteered to show my stuff around a few shops she knows in Bay City, to see if they would sell them. We met in Saugatuck, MI last weekend so I could give her the pieces.  I figure the $300 for the overnight was a small price to pay for the possibility of selling 5 purses, which take me 4 hours each to make, for $20 each!  True to her word, Lib took them around this week.  A couple of places said “I’ll have to check with the manager but don’t hold your breath”, so that’s encouraging.  One resale shop has taken some bags and pins on consignment, so away we go!

Part of this process has been coming up with a logo and name for the venture.  I’m pleased to announce “peep” is now in business.  Lib is designing a hang-tag with a mod 1920s shepherdess, referencing the wool aspect.  Thanks to Lib for all her help.

Bag lady

Lib and I have fantasized for years about setting up a little shop in Traverse City, or Saugatuck, or -insert name of whichever quaint and trendy town we happen to find ourselves in.  We would sell antiques and wool purses and go to art lectures.  I occasionally have to gently remind her that this vision is not really viable as it supposes that I have somehow disposed of my husband Bill, probably by means most foul.

Bill and I, on the other hand, have fantasized about buying a 2nd home somewhere warm, like Charlston, when we retire.  We would keep a place up here in the frozen north and be snowbirds.

I checked out my sister-in-law, Lisa’s listings online yesterday.  She is a high-powered realtor in Charleston, SC.   This led me to all the Charleston listings, which led me to a little house near downtown, with an attached storefront.

So now I’ve started a new, combo fantasy about Bill, Lib and I going halfsies on this little place in Charleston.  We would share the 2 bedroom house for getaways, and build our little business in the front, to be manned by a faceless, nameless, salaryless somebody while we were up north.

Not gonna let little things like no time, no money, can’t retire for 10 years (and did I mention no money?) stop me from pursuing my dream!

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5 Responses to Chasing My Dreams

  1. Ann Curtis says:

    Love the dream! 🙂 How about selling your stuff online?
    Send me some pics, I’d love to see your work!


  2. pegoleg says:

    Thanks Ann. I know online is the way to go, but I got burned out doing Ebay for many years – too time consuming. Going to art/craft shows every weekend is also too much work. So I’m counting on lots of people magically turning up on my doorstep, offering to buy bags for big $$. I’ll take some pics and send them. Have a great weekend!


  3. Libertarian says:

    I thought you might tell them about the Little Bo Peg business name idea that I so generously came up with, and how that might be misconstrued as the title of some sort of low-budget, back woods porn movie!! 🙂 Still dreaming of that quaint little “Shop Around the Corner” in which to spend our elder years!


  4. pegoleg says:

    This is a family blog, Libertarian. None of that filthy stuff here, if you please!


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