Playing Musical Blogs – Movies Teach Us

It wasn't me.

It wasn’t me.

Thoughtsy from Thoughts Appear is traveling this week on businesswoman’s business, so she asked me to stop by her place and check on things while she was away.  I let myself in with the key I found under the “Wipe your %#@$%!% feet!” doormat, then I fed the cat, cleaned the litter box and brought the mail in.

I thought I’d better make sure everything was OK with her computer while I was there.  It only took about ½ hour of casually tearing the desk apart to find her passwords and fire it up.  After I checked her browsing history (you would be SHOCKED – that’s all I’m going to say about that), and sent a few prank emails to the FBI (all in good fun, of course), I hacked into her WordPress account.

Thoughtsy has a great, ongoing series of posts called Movies Teach Us.  She does all the work of movie-going for her readers by picking the perfect film (not counting the crappy horror movies she likes), watching intently while eating popcorn and Jujubes.  She then distills the essential lessons of the film down to a few, pithy take-away points.

I wrote a Movies Teach Us piece while I was over there and took the liberty of posting it on her blog to help her out.  It’s up at her place today.  Go ahead  – go on over there and read it.

p.s. I forgot to water her plants and the dieffenbachia died so I threw it out.  I’m hoping Thoughtsy won’t notice.  Shhh – mum’s the word.

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29 Responses to Playing Musical Blogs – Movies Teach Us

  1. plants are like goldfish…just go buy another one and no one will notice? (did you leave the cat door open over there so we can sneak in?…oh see you did….Look! Popcorn leftovers – thanks)


  2. Happy I stumbled upon this post. It was a great read and had me laughing along the way. Keep up the awesome writing 🙂


  3. Al says:

    Note to self: NEVER, EVER let Peg take care of the dogs while we’re away. Oh, and let the IRS know about Peg-O-Industries.


  4. Reminds me of when my mother was away travelling for six months last year and I was supposedly taking care of things in her apartment. After a few weeks of visiting there I discovered that one of the plants I had been dutifully watering was plastic. Then about a month before she came back, she asked me “Did the plant on top of the fridge ever flower?” (There’s a plant on top of the fridge?! Oh…there it was). So yeah, don’t ask me to water your plants when you’re away either.

    I’m getting deja vue, have I told you these plant stories before?


    • pegoleg says:

      Ha ha! One of the many benefits of having a lousy memory, is all stories are new every time I hear them. I hope you bought your mom some plastic flowers for the top of her fridge.


  5. I’ve never seen that one! That’s probably all I should say over here, though. I don’t want to slip-up and give anything away!
    P.S. You can borrow some of my plants, if you’d like. They are SO dead that they’ll make any other plants you set them by look amazing by association.


    • pegoleg says:

      I have 2 houseplants. One is thriving despite my best (worst) efforts, and the other one is barely limping along on life support. I have good intentions, but black thumbs.


  6. Movies do teach us–the good one teach us to think and the bad ones teach us to think, too… 😉


  7. I have to say in all honesty that I don’t think I’d be shocked. 😉


  8. I do love movies, however, mostly I watch the old classics. I’m way behind on new releases. How pitiful is that? Hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!


  9. Note to self: leave key under potted plant by the back door for Peg and plenty of dogfood in the bin. Remind her to make herself at home, then hide sex toys, love letters, prescription medications, blank checks and vodka. Also, leave her a note reminding her that the plants are all fake.


  10. Laura says:

    You’re supposed to water plants? That explains a lot.


  11. I always lose at least one plant every time I am left in charge of someone’s foliage. You did something I bet we all dream of doing. Hacking into someone’s computer and randomly doing stuff as if you were them. You are a force.


  12. I owe you big time for emptying the litter box.


  13. Meh. Who needs shrubbery in the house anyhow. I’m headed over to her place to snoop around, and see if I can find your post (on her behalf). 😉 Good read! Enjoy your Memorial Day!


  14. Shannon says:

    Clever girl! Loved the lead-in. Going to have a look at Thoughtsy’s now. Don’t think I’ve ever been over there.

    Everyone should be so blessed to have Peg “let herself in.” If you ever drop in my place, no need to wipe yer feet first. But please be sure to fill the bird feeder on the back porch and water the bird bath. I think they’re really missing me over there.


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