The Jacket: A Sordid Past Revealed

When The Jacket came to me, its history was a mystery (hey, that rhymes!)  Come with me now, back, back, back in time…about a month.  I hunted down this great, vintage, green polyester jacket at the Goodwill, bagged it and hauled it home in triumph to my closet.   While engaged in my usual apres-hunt ritual of trying on new stuff with former trophies, I discovered a name written on a piece of paper in the pocket – Tom Wojciechowski.

Just so, a mystery and a writing competition are born.  Click on The Jacket Competition page heading up top to read all about it, and check out all the entries.

While other writers have been busy crafting a fictional history for The Jacket, I have not given up my quest to know its true story.  Exhaustive research has finally revealed at least some part of its checkered (well, really more of a plaid) past.

Everything ends up on the web eventually, and is never erased (listen up, my daughters).  I have unearthed the following photos of The Jacket, which have recently gone viral on the interwebz.  WARNING!  What you see here may shock and alarm you.  I urge my more sensitive readers to proceed with caution.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It appears The Jacket was once part of some depraved, party ritual.  I can’t identify the participants because they took steps to disguise their identities, like rats that hide their filthy scurrying in the dark.  But be assured I will never rest until I can identify these degenerates and report them to the authorities.

What else has The Jacket seen in its 40 or so years as a garment of the world?  We can only guess.  But this I can say to the eventual winner….it looks like it has been washed recently.

Don’t forget to go here and cast your vote for the winning entry.  Polling is open until Friday.

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29 Responses to The Jacket: A Sordid Past Revealed

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Perhaps the jacket has magical powers – I only hope it’s not evil.


  2. Wait a sec–I really, really want that jacket now. I never knew it could pair up so nicely with a sword! That right there is fashion genius!


  3. Janu says:

    Great pictures!


  4. Too funny. That jacket has done more living than I ever have. And I bet it has more to do (but so do I, so I’m not counting myself out yet) ! 🙂


  5. Al says:

    These nefarious characters could not possibly be from the same blood line as Peg-o-leg!, who is such a solid citizen herself. Some of them look like they have had some experience with the perp walk.

    If the jacket has that kind of affect on people I’m glad my entry was not chosen (no bitterness here).


  6. Mary Kay says:

    How could you disown us, your sibs and related family? And that is you in the goofy wig! Nice blog. You really got alot of BANG for your buck with the purchase of THE JACKET! Thank you for the nice card-brightened up my day.MKC


  7. Geez. The green jacket throws better parties than I do.


  8. Lenore Diane says:

    It’s alive! The jacket is alive! Along the lines of what SIG said, the life of that jacket is more exciting than mine. Funny stuff, O’Peg’o.


  9. gojulesgo says:

    ha! I love it!! Now I know why you said you had such a fun St. Patrick’s Day. I’m partying with Peg (er, or whoever this mysterious hostess is…) next year!


  10. Angie Z. says:

    I love the lengths you went to to show that jacket a good time. But now that I know it’s so (gulp) used, well, I’m glad I’m not winning this contest now. Just kidding. (I’m not.) No really, kidding. (Nope.)


  11. Dana says:

    That jacket looks like the life of the party! Thank goodness for the internet– how else could you have dug up this sordid past?


  12. Tar-Buns says:

    Fun pictures, Peg. Your imagination is so … imaginative! We wondered how you were going to use those pix you took. Fun, fun… 🙂


  13. pattisj says:

    Loved your slide show! lol


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