About Me

I’m an insurance agent, married, and mother to 2 girls who became women when I wasn’t looking.  I engage in the struggles of daily life in a small town in Illinois.

I have a large, extended family to whom I’ve been writing  since I moved away from home 30 years ago.  This blog arose out of my letters to them, and at their prompting.

“You shouldn’t be sending all this stuff to us” they said, meaning JUST to them alone.

“We’ve been on the receiving end of your ramblings for YEARS, and it’s not fair.” Not fair to others who didn’t get to share my thoughts, is what they meant.

“We INSIST that you stop emailing us” they said, thereby giving the impression that they didn’t want to hear from me.  Those big kidders.  Ha ha ha!  But it doesn’t take Einstein to see the obvious implication that they don’t want me to hide my light under a bushel basket.  That I should share it (the light, not the bushel basket) with the world!

These are the Everyday musings from Everywoman’s perspective.  Everywoman would be me.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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111 Responses to About Me

  1. Libertarian says:

    Uma-Oprah, Oprah-Uma, Uma-Erma, Erma-Oprah!!! Peg… the next Oprah Bombeck!

  2. MK says:

    I read them all and LOVED them! A little humor at 6:00 AM starts the day off great!!!

  3. siennahughes says:

    just subscribed to your blog! looking forward to your postings!! xo

  4. Hi!
    Have awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award
    I know this will change your life and you will want to thank everybody from your parents to the gardener’s mate for the glory of accepting this award. But I think what you do is good….very good . . . . :-)


    • pegoleg says:

      Thank you so much, Rowland. What an honor! Now all I have to do is figure out all the rules and how to pass it on. I’ll have my people get right on that.

  5. So happy to have found your blog! Hilarious–keep up the good work!

  6. morasue says:

    You have quite a gift for humor writing! I laugh out loud on every post I read!

  7. shenanitim says:

    Anyone who has a Sparks reference on their page is awesome by default.

    • pegoleg says:

      Can’t believe you caught that! My sister had that album in high school and we wore it out.

      • shenanitim says:

        One of my favorite bands covered one of their songs (“Happy Hunting Grounds”) and after that I kept hearing about them. (Granted, I spend much of my time in record stores, so I guess it shouldn’t be too shocking.) So I recently broke down and bought a copy of “Propaganda.” And haven’t looked back since.

  8. I’ve just come across this blog after finding it on Freshly Pressed. It is amazing!!

    • pegoleg says:

      Welcome! I wrote a piece some weeks ago about music being a time machine and wanted to use a Dr. Who phonebox photo, but wasn’t sure I could do so without being sued. I used to watch the old version – great show!

  9. i shall wait to deserve to enjoy this space from comunication;i know am a student new on internet action;but i have enough will to learn things good;my best is to be smart in everycase where must to look there is heaven;nobody get anything good if not has control in its reactions i wait be a good friend for everyone;i shall let this gift for you.never say i cannot to make it;good actions are the best fruits from the life.thanks for all.

  10. Gratitude to Freshly Pressed for bringing me your way. Your words ring true and resound with familiarity. I believe I’ll pull up a chair and spend some time here.

  11. Hi pegoleg…it’s me…that woman with the random hair growing out of her forehead. I followed you over here from Renée’s blog…funny stuff…I think I’ll have to add you to my list…


    • pegoleg says:

      That’s why I left that trail of breadcrumbs, Wendy. Thanks for following!

      Hey, didn’t you get Freshly Pressed yesterday? Congrats – great post! Adding you to MY list as well.

  12. judithhb says:

    Just found your blog – love it.

  13. Cricket says:

    I’m really glad I found your blog. Your writing is inspiring, funny and slightly addicting. Thanks!

  14. I love your blog! It is so genuine! I feel like I already know you!
    I have just begun to blog myself and yours is so…inspiring.
    Thank you!

  15. This is one of the funniest About pages I’ve read! Congratulations on getting Freshly Pressed (again, it seems)!

  16. rachelbethke says:

    I just wanted to encourage you to continue writing, you have an obvious gift for it! I hope to hear from you soon!

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  18. Margie says:

    I’m enjoying your writing. I’ve linked to your blog in a post called Networking – Awards and Challenges. I won’t be offended if you decide not to take up the Challenge!

  19. Tar-Buns says:

    I guess I never read this before, or you’ve updated it??? Another great read, Peg. And, by the way, we DID want you to share your gift with the world. I for one find this much more accessible than the emails that tended to get lost in the shuffle of my in-box in those early days of Ireland travel.

    Always great, love ya! :)

    • pegoleg says:

      No, I put this up about when I started this blog. Coming up on my 1 year anniversary on WordPress next month. Stay tuned for the exciting party plans!

      Thanks so much for all your support, sweet Sis, I really appreciate it. Love you more!

  20. Fellow Mom, Thank you for your kind thoughts yesterday via another’s blog. It is appreciated.

  21. Peg, I’m taking you up on your offer to advise me. My email is xxx. Better to do it that way? THANKS!

    • pegoleg says:

      Hi Renee,
      I removed your email address so the rabble that tends to frequent my “about me” page doesn’t spam you. I sent an email with fascinating insurance info.

  22. Hooray for FP or I wouldn’t have found you! :) x

  23. Peg o Leg, Great blog! I’m feeling a connection–read this and you will know why (don’t worry, it’s not an ad for Viagra.) http://correctionsandclarifications.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/the-name-game/.

  24. The Hook says:

    I’m glad you took their advice! Great little nest you’ve built here!

  25. ghostwrit says:

    I just started following your blog. My opinion: Hilarious :)

  26. no1queenie says:

    Just thought I would say ‘hi’ just subscribed to your blog! It looks really interesting and I look forward to reading more x

  27. Starr says:

    Hi Pegoleg,

    I think your blog is hilarious, therefore I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    Keep up the good work!


  28. Your most recent post is blocked. You might want to check the link…

  29. Off the Wall says:

    Hi Peg, so happy to have found your blog, love your writings. I really enjoyed the Jacket competition, and would love to hear some constructive criticism of my entry so I know whether or not to keep on trying with my writing. Thanks so much Peg, I can’t wait to see who wins, the finalists are all so well-deserving!

  30. Hi Peg-o-Leg – I am loving this Reeses-centric WordPress coup! I already followed 2 blogs on this list and when I saw that their titles were the same today, I thought something fishy was going on…Fun to see everyone’s versions and check out other humor blogs – but why 19? Wouldn’t 20 be more of a round number? :) I would love to contribute/be included if you are going to be adding to this select group (she types sheepishly, but also knows it doesn’t hurt to ask, well it can hurt, but what the hey…) I’m just feeling giddy about discovering a bunch of new humor writers. Kudos!

    • pegoleg says:

      I don’t have any more plans for world domination in the hopper right now, because I’m wiped out with a lousy cold. But I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the next coup. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  31. cathifinch says:

    Harper Faulkner, All Write, “suggested” your blog today, “I Am The Line Slayer”, and, gads, what a chuckle and vast memories of “lines” yours brought! Being an insurance agent, you must have some great tales to tell. My hub is insurance agent and once, a long time ago, I was a fledging claims adjuster (which I really enjoyed…in-house, though, for a not-so-long-time [but enough to have some great laughs and then some tears as well]). I live outside a small Wyoming town and when I go grocery shopping at stores, I KNOW which cashiers’ line to try. But all does not always work out as so pre-planned as with yours!

  32. goodoldgirl says:

    Sending you the Reader Appreciation Award … Love your humor! Love your blog!

  33. Cynthia says:

    This is just to let you know that I have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. If you chose to participate, (I understand completely if you do not wish to), please pick the award and rules from here: http://wp.me/2ys6I
    Luv ,

    • pegoleg says:

      Cynthia, thank you so much for the shout-out! I am extremely lazy so I never follow the rules for awards, but I really, really appreciate the honor. You made my day!

  34. Al says:

    Outed by your sister, eh? Happy Birthday!

    • pegoleg says:

      Thanks Al. I noticed nobody wants to put goofy birthday greetings on my post about our other sister’s cancer, but it’s ok. Even with cancer life goes on, and is good (for the most part), isn’t it?

  35. Ah, I see you know AL, one of my favourie bloggers. Anyway you kindly visited my Blog and I’m glad ypu did as it gave me a chance to read yours. Thats the pleasure of Blogging. Touching other lives don’t you think

  36. bohemianspiritedmom says:

    Nomination for One Lovely Blogger Award! Please copy/paste award from my site and follow rules if you accept. (it’s ok not to! :) )

    • pegoleg says:

      Thank you for the bloggy shout-out! Unfortunately, I have been recently diagnosed with Blogarius Lazyus and I’m afraid it is terminal. Rest assured it is only the presence of this dread disease that keeps me from faithfully fulfilling all the rules of the award. (seriously, thanks so much – I really appreciate it!)

  37. stephjms says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! If you’re interested, follow award rules on my page. If you aren’t into the awards thing, that’s ok, too!

    • pegoleg says:

      I’m just much too lazy to follow rules to get awards (unless they involve HUGE amounts of cash), but thanks so much for the shout-out. I really, really appreciate it!

  38. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    Hi there… I have nominated you for the inspiring blogger award cause your blog is pretty interesting.

    Please follow the link:

  39. You may not want another award, but I am nominating you for The Booker Award. Yes THE Booker Award! No, not THE Booker Award. Check out my blog in a day or two and read all about it…

  40. Another award coming your way :-) I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Award! Thank you for creating such an interesting, super sweet blog :-) Here’s the link: http://twoblackdoggies.wordpress.com/2012/10/13/super-sweet-award/

  41. rachelocal says:

    How have I not followed you yet? You are always a favorite comment-er of mine on Angie’s, Jules’, Maineiac’s and B-Man’s blogs. Excited to read all about your antics!

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  44. Jennifer says:

    Hi, not just liking your post but following. Came to you in a round about way from The Hook and The Mercenary Researcher. Love what you have to say, your family was right :-)

    And I totally agree with your post about blogging etiquette, especially the comments sections. I’ve not returned to several for those same reasons.

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  46. Elyse says:


    I’ve “hit” you for a blogging “Tag you must answer all my questions” game (http://fiftyfourandahalf.com/2013/02/17/beats-the-alternative/). You may answer or not, play or not. I won’t judge you.


  47. I absolutely love your blog! very, very witty! I’m glad nobody stopped you from rambling!

  48. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Yay you! The award is on my blog: http://lifeislikeaboxofwine.com/

  49. kartwheels says:

    Peg, you’ve got pizzaz, and I like that! I will be following along to share, along with your family and readers, your ramblings :) If you have the time and interest, I would love if you checked out my blog of kids projects, Sequoia National Forest etc.

  50. Hello fellow blogger! I have read some of your posts and recently started following you I enjoyed them so much! I am new at blogging and have been nominated for the liebster award. In turn I have to nominate 11 bloggers I enjoy. I have chosen you! If your interested in particpating here is a copy of my link http://annetteharris42.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/liebster-award-nomination if you would rather not I understand and just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog! Happy blogging!

  51. Everything you write brings a smile to my face and a stitch to my side. Great work! I’m just starting out with blogging and your an inspiration for someone who says whatever they think. Maybe now I’ll find a way to write it as well! Thank you! Keep up the fun! :)

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  53. Hi Peg.

    Pleased to meet you. :).

    My name is Kevin Gillespie, I do, MUCH prefer to be called Kev though. :).

    I live in Wales, & I am now Following your Blog. :).

    Best Wishes
    Kev ;).

  54. You were at the bottom of the “You May Like” blog listing on my Reader…naturally I wanted to see who Peg-o-Leg was….and why she was at the bottom of the list when a lonely blogger was at the top of it :-) And of course, it was worth the trip over reading you. Great concept on Freshly Pegged and well done on getting Freshly Pressed :-) Regards, Mary

  55. Lovely to blog-meet you, Peggy! You have such pizzazz. :)

  56. bwcarey says:

    liked the royal baby boomer piece, hope his nation improves their overseas reputation before he grows up, seriously, it can’t be easy being a baby with a thousand cameras in your face, don’t we warm to children, hopefully they’ll have ten kids, set a new standard for love.

    • pegoleg says:

      Hear, hear! I was thinking that when standing, waiting to glimpse this little family along with a veritable mob – what must it be like to live under such scrutiny? I can only wish the best for them.

  57. margber says:

    LOVE your blog! Witty! Brilliant! Entertaining! I especially love your freshly pegged page. I have decided to follow all of your freshly pegged menitonee’s! Heh~ YaY! New Word. Brilliant word!

    Your talent shines through in your writing and in your blogs. Love it!

  58. laura-w24 says:

    Hello! Happy to virtually meet you. Just stumbled onto your blog and I think I’m in for a bit of a blog binge! If you fancy having a read about a very sweaty, rather unfit lesbian attempting to run far to many miles…head on over to my blog. In the mean time I will be sat enjoying your posts!

  59. Behogan says:

    I have stumbled onto your blog, and what a great blog it is. Truly enjoying it! I look forward to reading more.

  60. Just found you! How could I NOT follow another mom? My girls became women when I wasn’t looking, too, so I believe we may have much in common (well, except that you have lots more followers than me and have been Freshly Pressed, but please ignore my envy – I’m still working on that). I look forward to reading your upcoming posts.

  61. I believe you have my all-time favorite header art – what a great concept! Your family sounds pretty terrific as do you… keep on entertaining.

  62. TamrahJo says:

    Dear Pegoleg –
    In my effort to get caught up this a.m. after my months long hiatus, you may have groaned over the likes/comments awaiting your approval – hope you forgive me AND I still didn’t get worked back all the way to where I had last read/liked AND enjoyed my visits to linked much-earlier posts – - Thank you for a wonderful morning, but I simply must pry myself away and get housework/garden work done – and I promise to try to keep caught up better – whether it’s Lent or not… :)

  63. Sounds interesting and potentially entertaining :) I’m in!

  64. thatssojacob says:

    Hey Peg! Just tuned in and gave you a follow. Visit me if you’d like over at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com and enjoy my weird world! thanks and have a great day :)

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