How’s An Honest Writer Supposed to Compete with Nekked Bubbies?


Photo of nekked boobs courtesy of unknown blogger. Embellishment added by author.

An Open Letter To WordPress

My post yesterday was a witty rant about the improper use of stop signs.  Nobody actually read it, though, because WordPress put my stop sign picture up next to a shot of a naked young woman.

Which do you think got more attention?

Both pictures have been reproduced here for comparison.  I added the red sweater.   Apparently they do things a little differently where she comes from, but here in Illinois, it is generally considered “not the thing” to go out wearing nothing but an umbrella in January.

For those not familiar with WordPress, bloggers classify their posts by topic, which are called Tags.  They might choose music, health, news, etc.  Readers can check out the day’s posts for topics of interest to them. 

My offerings tend to be under the humor tag.   “Says who?” you’re thinking, but that’s still where you’ll find me most days.

After I post, I go to the humor page to check out the competition.  This morning my stop sign was posted right next to a picture of a nubile, naked young woman, frolicking in the rain.

Let’s face it   When faced with a picture of a stop sign (albeit cleverly altered) and an X-rated little mermaid, the stop sign is going to lose with just about every demographic:

1)  Most men (and women interested in that sort of thing) say – what stop sign?

2)  Women not interested in that sort of thing are still distracted by comparing the boobs to their own assets.  The stop sign is ignored.

3)  Those offended or affronted or plain old surprised by the unexpected boobage avert their eyes and scurry away, thereby missing my stop sign.

I took a brief look in on my blogging neighbor’s post.  It was not high art.  Nonetheless, I suspect he got a lot more hits than I did today.  Since successful blogging is all about number of hits, I lose. 

Miss Nubile Boobile and my stop sign marched along together on the humor pages throughout the day.  First we were on page 1, then 2, then page 6 as the day went on.  We finally went off into the sunset of blogging obscurity together.

I’m not asking for censorship.  I just want a level playing field.  I don’t think the average visitor to the humor page is necessarily looking for porn.  So it’s distracting.  Maybe WordPress could subdivide the humor tag into: actually funny (ish) and nekked pictures.  Or adult humor (as in humor for adults) and adult humor (as in junior-high humor involving porno)

Perhaps I should fight fire with fire.  I can post nudie photos, too.  Given my blog’s point of view, I would go with a nude, middle-aged woman frolicking in the rain.

Never mind.  I’ll get more hits with the stop sign.

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12 Responses to How’s An Honest Writer Supposed to Compete with Nekked Bubbies?

  1. Jackie says:

    Very nicely done 🙂


  2. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Perhaps the wordpress community is far more sophisticated than you give them credit for. I’m quite sure that most wordpressies are hungry for real content and will happily bounce over to your blog just as soon as they’re done oogling the nekked bubbies.


  3. I missed the umbrella girl entirely, but read your stop sign post and subscribed. Chalk one up for you.


  4. Oh wait…I just realized I was already subscribed, which is why I read yours and not the other. Ha. There goes my argument.


  5. Libertarian says:

    I, too, am tired of senseless nekkedness (is that how you spell that???) that overshadows good writing! The nubile model’s bubbies will sag in a few short years, but Peg, your writing will never lose its luster, brilliance, and beauty!! 🙂


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