Oprah’s 2020 Anniversary Special Features Freshly Pressed Author

Oprah looks great for 70!

Transcript of 12/10/20 Oprah TV Special.

(Camera closes in on Oprah and guest seated before live audience)

Oprah: “Today we’re talking to women who are living their dreams. Peg, you and I go way back.  You’re a world-famous author, blogger and playwright.  But that wasn’t always the case, was it?”

(Peg laughs ruefully)

Peg: “No indeed.  I was headed into middle-aged oblivion when I chanced upon an article on your website, Oprah.  Your story,  “Do What You Love”, spoke to me.   I wanted to be a writer.  So I started a blog, and lobbied to get you to sponsor me.”

Oprah: “You’re saying that my show, my theme, changed your life!”

Peg:  “Ha ha.  No. You blew me off.  Totally ignored me.  Then I was Freshly Pressed.”

Oprah: “Huh?”

Peg:  “Today, when people think of WordPress, they think Pulitzer Prize.  But long before they took over the Pulitzer Prize board, WordPress provided websites and blogs.  Their blog-of-the-day contest, Freshly Pressed, was like the Pulitzer semi-finals.  It was ten years ago today that my blog post was chosen to be Freshly Pressed.  And that, as they say, has made all the difference.”

Oprah: “Has success changed you?”

Peg: “Oh no.  I still put my diamond-encrusted pants on one leg at a time, like everyone else.” (Peg laughs in self-deprecating manner; audience titters)

Peg:  “Seriously, Oprah, I’m still the same, simple me.  My people know I am ALWAYS available for family.   Unless “The Muse” is upon me, or I’m involved in a deal or resting or whatnot.”

Oprah: “And what about Lisa, the sister-in-law who was the subject of that Freshly Pressed post?”

Peg: “My staff still sends her a quart of eggnog every Christmas.  Although the poor dear is now terribly lactose-intolerant.“

Oprah: “What are you working on now?”

Peg:   “Viewers can find “Nutmeg, the Talking Eggnog Cow” and “Peg, the Fly” merchandise for sale on the Peg-O-Leg Industries QVC channel, formerly NBC.  As you know, our game “Peg, You So Fly!” for XXX-Box is the must-have gift this Christmas. The kids love it – we can’t keep it in stock!”

Oprah: “All of our audience members will receive a copy of “Peg, You So Fly!”

(Audience erupts into wild cheers as Oprah minions walk out carrying trays of game boxes.  Network censors black out most of the covers.  Clapping almost drowns out Peg’s comment  “I still vigorously protest that M for Mature rating, by the way!”)

Oprah: “What’s next for you?”

Peg:  “I’m working closely with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to fulfill a dream and bring “Wal-Mart, The Musical” to the stage.  We’re considering Lady Gaga to play me, but just between us, I think she’s too straight-laced.  And she’s getting a little old.  And of course, I am still closely involved in approving the general concepts for, if not the actual writing of, my blog – Peg-O-Leg Ramblings Universe.”

Oprah: “What advice do you have for others who want to live their dreams?”

Peg: “When I started out, some said that constantly, endlessly hounding my family and friends to read my blog amounted to harassment.  That didn’t stop me.  Except when you took out that restraining order against me, Oprah.” (Peg turns to Oprah for shared laugh.)  “I would tell other dreamers, don’t worry about leaving a broken, bloody pile of people behind.  As long as you can climb over them to get to your goal!”

(Audience erupts into cheers, standing ovation, camera pans viewers wiping tears away. Fade out)

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12 Responses to Oprah’s 2020 Anniversary Special Features Freshly Pressed Author

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Oh Peg, I simply must have opening night tickets to Walmart, the Musical!


  2. jendbear says:

    Pretty Cute, I like the diamond encrused pants line. ha ha


  3. Libertarian says:

    I hope you remember us little people after you’ve pushed Gail aside to become Oprah’s new BFF!!


  4. John Hunsinger says:

    I will always be able to say “I knew Peg when….”


  5. lifesmosaics says:

    “As you know, our game “Peg, You So Fly!” for XXX-Box is the must-have gift this Christmas. The kids love it – we can’t keep it in stock!”

    Umm, could you please put me on a wait list for this one?..


  6. Louella says:

    *starts packing tent, sleeping bag, and UHT milk and Coco Pops for the campout required to get into Walmart; The Musical’


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