Hoary Bitch

Talked to Lib yesterday. She was on her way home to get started on her Ireland scrapbook. I guess we all have different ways of expressing our creativity. She really goes all out on the scrapbooks – it will be something to see when completed; a real masterpiece.

I’ve always liked Lib,(no really) and we talk on the phone once week or so. When we decided to go on this trip, we started emailing and calling every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. There were lots of details to work out. Then when we were in Ireland, it was all Lib, all the time. Lots of togetherness. Of course you can drive each other crazy that way, and we did experience some of that (can you blame me?). But now I kind of miss my daily dose of the old Libster. I’ll call her up and say “remember when??” cuz she’ll know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, when she called yesterday we started giggling again about the Old Man and the Sea and the “Hoary Bitch” comment with which Lib greeted the Irish Sea. I don’t know how we got to talking about the spelling of the word, but it seems I had it all wrong. I thought she meant “hoary”, as in white tipped, you know, kind of frosty. She said meant “whorey”, as in like a whore. Now it doesn’t seem as funny. Don’t know why. I don’t even think that’s a word!

Gotta take the cat to the vet.

Have a good day!


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4 Responses to Hoary Bitch

  1. Shannon says:

    Oh my! Found this one with the Random Post. Ha! I’m the 1st to like Peg-o post. I must go run and buy a lotto ticket. It takes me DAYS sometimes to get to a post. I’m only on here now because the kids are wrecking the house with fort-building and staying out of my hair while I blog.

    Did you live in Ireland for a bit?


    • pegoleg says:

      Hey Shannon, old buddy! Yours are probably the first non-family eyeballs to see those posts. My sister and I took a trip to IReland a few years ago, and that’s why I started a blog. It was just to send descriptions to my family, then I hung up tje blogging gloves for more than a year. Those are pretty disjointed posts because they were really letters home. What a great trip, though – I’d love to go back!


      • Shannon says:

        I’ll say. I certainly wasn’t expecting something so, well, personal. Not to say that your posts of today aren’t.

        I have two dear friends in Ireland, one in Cork, one in Carlow — both are Dubliners. We were all expats together in SE Asia many years ago; we still keep in touch. I’ve learned much about the country through their correspondence (mostly, the kids) and I’d love to go spend a month or two with one of them (she has three kids within the ages of my four). The airfare would break us, I’m afraid. Then there’s the business of finding temporary transport for a family of six. Still a few years off

        Did you get to see any megoliths while you were there? That’s some fantastic history. I’ll have to read a few more of your posts to get the whole trip. Glad to have found these! WordPress impresses, sometimes.


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