The Jacket Competition

“The Jacket” writing competition is just a fading memory now, but boy did we have fun.  Go ahead and read all about it, if you’re in the mood.

Welcome to The Jacket: A Writing Competition!

If I figured out how to do this right (a big if), this top page provides general information about the competition.  Entries will be accepted from Friday, February 24th through Friday, March 10th.  All entries will be posted on this blog each Friday.  After the submission deadline, I will select a short-list of finalists.  Readers will vote for the best.

The lucky winner will get the eternal devotion of the entire bloggy world (or at least the small corner of it that reads my blog) and, possibly, some love slaves.  (I’m not involved in that part of it, though – you’ll need to work out the details privately, keeping in mind that Google will be monitoring your every communique.)  They will also win….The Jacket!

Click on the following pages to see:

The Jacket: A Call to Arms:  Rules about the competition and the entry form

The Jacket: Entries, Post One:  The first five entries.

The Jacket: Entries, Post Two:  The second five entries.

The Jacket: Entries, Post Three:   The third five entries.

The Jacket: Entries, Post Four:  The next four entries.

The Jacket: Entries, The End:   The final five entries.

The scandalous photos

The Winner!

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