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A Single, Burning Question

Another snowstorm just blanketed the Midwest.  Our souls yearn for Sprightly Spring, but Wooly Winter shows no sign of slackening her icy grip.  Punxsutawney Phil has gone back into hibernation and so have I. That little vestige of prehistoric brain … Continue reading

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T-Shirtable Quote Of The Week – Valentine’s Day Post Game

Valentine’s Day post-game wrap up.

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True Valentine Confessions (And Give-Away Contest)

Valentine’s Day is a time to express your deep love for that special someone in your life.  That’s what it’s supposed to be.  In reality, it’s an exercise in performance pressure of the worst kind. If your sentiments aren’t exactly … Continue reading

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A Mental Roller Coaster Ride… or Toilet Paper, Toilet Paper, My Kingdom for Some Toilet Paper

. . . Men and women don’t see the same world.   I’m not saying one vision is better than the other – they’re just different.  I also don’t pretend to represent Every Woman, but I suspect this will sound familiar to many.  … Continue reading

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Little Red Hen’s Christmas Tale

Like many of you, I spent much of the long, Thanksgiving weekend putting up Christmas decorations.  This joyous experience reminded me of a classic children’s story (which has been a classic since I made it up last year.) Gather round, my kiddies, while … Continue reading

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Another Round of Fermented Yak Snot For My Buddies!

Everything is ALWAYS simpler for guys.  I once posted about how shopping for clothes strains the mother/daughter bond.  My brother-in-law, John, said he was glad he was a guy.  Relations with his Dad are simple – pizza, beer and poker … Continue reading

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We’ll Go Dressing In The Dark…

Marriage is all about perspective.  Everything depends on your viewing angle. Yesterday morning I got up earlier than my husband, Bill.  We work together, and both need to get to the office by 8:30.  I was silently putting the finishing … Continue reading

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Gentlemen Prefer…

I’ve often heard women lament, “There just aren’t any gentlemen around anymore!”  Au contraire!  They’re still out there; you just have to look in the right place.  Might I suggest a strip joint? Merriam-Webster Dictionary, my online, go-to source at … Continue reading

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“Sexy” Has Taken Over From “The” As The Most Used Word In The English Language

Americans now use “sexy” more often than any other word in the English language. OK, I made that up, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Sex is a staple of reality TV, even in shows where you wouldn’t expect … Continue reading

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The Doilyfication of Man-World

I went to get my oil changed a couple of weeks ago.  The waiting room décor was vintage man-world: utilitarian, plastic stacking chairs, cracked linoleum floor, boxes and bins of oily parts, and posters of spark-plugs and other vehicle- related … Continue reading

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