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My Knee Jerk Reaction Would Be To Kick You In The Knee, Jerk

My physical reflexes have never been what they once were.  My mental reflexes are probably worse. Yet if a verbal hammer hits a certain spot in my brain, the guy wielding that hammer is probably gonna get a reflexive kick … Continue reading

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A Single, Burning Question

Another snowstorm just blanketed the Midwest.  Our souls yearn for Sprightly Spring, but Wooly Winter shows no sign of slackening her icy grip.  Punxsutawney Phil has gone back into hibernation and so have I. That little vestige of prehistoric brain … Continue reading

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A Discussion of Modern Social Grooming

I’m on vacation this week so I am resurrecting some old posts you may have missed.   I’ll try to stop by to chat sometime,  but I’m going to be really, really busy having fun, so don’t hold me to it. … Continue reading

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All Hail The Monday Grownup

The alarum rings And up she springs Although she’d rather sleep in. Back to work She has to go To tame the debts she’s deep in. Downy pillows call him back, and horizontal beckons, But vertical’s what’s needed now to … Continue reading

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Wearing My Heart On My Face

I don’t play poker.  I don’t even play Poker Face, because I don’t have one.  Most every thought, every emotion that flits through my brain shows up on my face in glorious, soggy Technicolor. The other day I was watching … Continue reading

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Ain’t Technology Great?

 A MODERN BUSINESS PLAY The setting: A typical office email exchange… The players: “Peg” a dedicated (albeit technologically challenged) insurance agent “Fred” a dedicated attorney who represents Peg’s client “Missy” Peg’s tech-savvy assistant

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Another Round of Fermented Yak Snot For My Buddies!

Everything is ALWAYS simpler for guys.  I once posted about how shopping for clothes strains the mother/daughter bond.  My brother-in-law, John, said he was glad he was a guy.  Relations with his Dad are simple – pizza, beer and poker … Continue reading

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Give or Take

The English language is complicated.  And the American slang version of it is just plain weird. Take the way we refer to going to the bathroom.  In the colloquial, this is referred to as “taking a dump”.  What taking?  There is no … Continue reading

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A Cup, A Cup, A Cup, A Cup Of Sodium Caseinate

For the coffee lover, fall ushers in the best of times: that of the yummy flavored coffees.  Rich pumpkin, deep chocolate notes, earthy wafts of cinnamon spice all beckon from grocery store and specialty shop shelves.  “Drink Me,” they say.  … Continue reading

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I Didn’t

Today… I didn’t step over the pile of cat-gack on the stairs and leave the clean up for the next unwary morning traveler.  Nor did I yell at Beeby for eating the gack-inducing leaf, even though I specifically warned her … Continue reading

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