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Little Red Hen’s Christmas Joy

Christmas time is here again.  Tis the season for celebrating old traditions.  Around this blog, that means dusting off posts of Christmas past, posts that are more stale than re-gifted fruitcake.  Enjoy.    Once upon a time,  Little Red Hen lived in a … Continue reading

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A Toilet Paper Roll-er Coaster Ride Through My Brain

It’s time again for a thrill-a-minute roller coaster ride through my brain.  Hang on. Men and women do not see the same world. Men tend to be linear thinkers who concentrate on one job until it is done.  Women multitask … Continue reading

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Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Public Transportation Needs

Behavioral scientists use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a model to explain just about everything in life.  The theory goes something like this: a person’s most basic needs must be met (food and shelter) before they can afford the luxury … Continue reading

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Are You An Optimist Or A Pessimist?

 Little Billy wanted a pony for Christmas. It was all he talked about for months. When Christmas morning arrived, he ran outside and saw…a huge pile of poop. Little Billy clapped his hands for joy and started shoveling. “Why are … Continue reading

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Don’t Thank Me For Voting

As I walked out of the polling place this morning, a man checked my name off a little list and said, “Thank you for voting.”  It was as if I was a veteran who laid her life on the line … Continue reading

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Health Insurance Companies Hate Sick People And Liechtensteinians

In fall, a young agent’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of health insurance.                                                                          Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Sort of. The guvment, in its infinite wisdom, decided that it would be a good idea to require *90% of Americans to enroll … Continue reading

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Malaising Grace, How Sweet The Sound

This is my favorite time of year.  The bright colors, the nip in the air – love it.  But it’s also my least favorite time of year.  It’s getting dark earlier every day.   My temper shortens with the days, while … Continue reading

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