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Magic Carpet Ride

How we view the end of life is a reflection of how we view life itself  – it’s a question of perspective. Those of you who have been around here a while may recall that a couple of years ago … Continue reading

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Jack Sprat And His OCD Wife

  Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean. And so between them both, you see, They licked the platter clean. Say hello to Mrs. Sprat. I’m not referring to our eating habits, though I love … Continue reading

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What’s The Big Idea – Am I Dumb Or Something?

Title quote courtesy of Lina Lamont, Singing In The Rain What’s the use of being smart when life has a nasty habit of making you look dumb? I got good grades in school. The other kids called me teacher’s pet … Continue reading

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And Then There Were More

It has been 5 years almost to the day since I started a blog.   Given how ephemeral these electronic flashes of word and image can be, that makes me an elder statesman.  Practically a blogging Methuselah. My first post was … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Women

Former Univ of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise Employed by governmental entity in a position of power. Required, by law, to conduct all work-related email correspondence via employer-provided email service. Decided that she was above that law. Used personal email account … Continue reading

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And The Oscar for Best Performance in a Dickens Tragedy Goes To…My Dog

  Dogs are man’s best friends and devoted companions.  And if they had fingers, most of us would be wrapped around their littlest one. Our dog, Sally, is a master manipulator.  Here’s a typical evening at home. We live out … Continue reading

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Are You A Wuss?

I’d like to think I’m the kind of person who would rush into a burning building to save somebody’s cat.  But when it comes to scary or gory stuff?   I’m a total wuss. My friend Susie at Susie Lindau’s … Continue reading

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