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Gimme A Steaming Mug of Sodium Caseinate

  The interwebz is where people go to engage in thought-provoking, passionate debate on important topics of the day. But not the people I know. At this time of year, our minds are consumed by the issue of pumpkin flavored … Continue reading

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That’s The Most Disgusting Stuff I Ever Tasted. Give Me A Big, Heapin’ Helping.

TV is full of experts who are eager to explain why we eat too much (or too little).  What I want to know is why do we eat the specific foods we eat?  Especially when that food tastes like slugs … Continue reading

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When Bacon Goes Horribly Wrong

Who doesn’t love bacon?* Bacon is sublime.  Bacon is magical.  Whether enrobed in chocolate, hanging from a Christmas tree or just gracing your breakfast plate, its crunchy, fatty, salty goodness can’t be beat.  There’s nothing that can’t be improved with … Continue reading

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My Sister-In-Law Is Ruining The US Economy – Again

Christmas is all about traditions.  Every year we unpack our favorite, old ornaments.  We unearth our Bing Crosby and Manheim Steamroller CDs.  We watch A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th St. and It’s a Wonderful Life. Around this blog, tradition … Continue reading

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Life is Better with a Pint of Vermont’s Finest

“Life is better with a pint of Vermont’s finest.” I read the words at the top of the legal pad and laughed.  There was no joy in the sound.  It was a mirthless acknowledgement of the exquisite irony of life. … Continue reading

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How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth Is An Ungrateful Candy Manufacturer?

Hershey, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.  A beef.  An axe to grind.  Now is the winter of my discontent made…well, you get the point. Some months ago, 18 of the sharpest tools in the WordPress shed teamed … Continue reading

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Turning Dine Whining Into Fine Dining

How can restaurants make dining out a great experience?  It’s the little things that count. My family went to dinner at Applebee’s the other night.  The food was good but minor annoyances practically wrecked the evening.  My hubby Bill forgot … Continue reading

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