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Facebook Ruined My Life, Now They Must Pay

Should a ginormous corporation be allowed to humiliate a child and profit from her pain? Could $167,000,000 in compensation even begin to make up for her suffering? We can only hope so. I give you, Exhibit A What’s the first … Continue reading

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How To Earn The Title: World’s Worst Mother-In-Law

About 25 years ago my mother-in-law, Virginia, and sister-in-law, Jane, asked me to go with them to a taping of a talk show then popular in Chicago, the Jenny Jones Show.   We were put in a holding room where the … Continue reading

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One Small Step, One Giant Leap… Again

Nothing makes a parent’s heart melt quite like their baby’s first, tottering steps into the safety of their loving arms.  Enjoy those moments, because as soon as your kids master walking, they start to run – away from you. When … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Being A Clueless Dolt This Graduation Season

  Three generations of alumni attended my nephew’s graduation at Michigan State University.   We linked arms as we sang the school song.  I looked around the auditorium and tears filled my eyes as I realized…most of the people there were … Continue reading

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It Is A Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Indeed!

Five years ago today, my sister Lib had to cancel her annual St. Patrick’s Day party.  Our hometown always has a big parade, and her apartment is right on the parade route, the perfect location for viewing and celebrating.  She … Continue reading

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Little Red Hen’s Christmas Story

I kinda/sorta put up my Christmas tree the other day.  The joyous experience of decorating(ish) brought to mind this soon-to-be classic children’s story. Gather round, boys and girls, and listen to… Little Red Hen’s Christmas Story Little Red Peg taking … Continue reading

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What We Remember At The End

Two women slid into the pew directly in front of me as the church service started.  The younger led her mother by the hand.  The tiny, elderly woman was a bit unsteady on her feet, but her eyes were bright … Continue reading

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