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Would The Prince Be Just As Eager To Kiss Sleeping Good Personality?

They say that beauty is only skin deep.  If so, that’s the kind of skin I want. My mind was wandering a bit during church the other day.  Instead of putting much-needed effort into improving my spiritual life, I found … Continue reading

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How To Lose Weight and Look Years Younger With Absolutely No Effort On Your Part

Two women pass in the street.  One is middle aged and overweight, her plodding walk mirroring the exhaustion in her tired, wrinkled face.  The other woman is noticeably younger.  Her long, blonde hair swings around her smooth, glowing face as … Continue reading

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A Single, Burning Question

Another snowstorm just blanketed the Midwest.  Our souls yearn for Sprightly Spring, but Wooly Winter shows no sign of slackening her icy grip.  Punxsutawney Phil has gone back into hibernation and so have I. That little vestige of prehistoric brain … Continue reading

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Why You’ll Never See Ornamental Cabbage On The Cover Of “Us Weekly”

I wish I were gorgeous. If you’re beautiful, that’s all you need to achieve fame and fortune (F&F) in life. I’ve done a lot of scientific research on this topic.  That research consists of watching TV, reading tabloids in the … Continue reading

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T-Shirtable Quote Of The Week

  Personal Grooming Division  

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My Mirror Is A Big, Fat Liar

I saw some pictures from our vacation the other day.  Looking at myself, I couldn’t believe it.   That fading, flabby, middle-aged woman was me?  They say that the camera doesn’t lie, so that means my mirror is the culprit. It’s … Continue reading

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