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Your Customer Advocate Will Now Give You A Blindfold And A Cigarette

Here’s a little pop quiz, kids. If I am on the phone waiting to speak with a “customer advocate,” I am trying to reach which of the following parties: Better Business Bureau Small Claims Court Health insurance company claims adjuster … Continue reading

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Stuff That Can Rub (A-Dub, Dub) You Out

There have been disturbing accounts in the news recently of people flipping out on a potent street drug.  The most horrific of these stories was about a man who tried to eat another person while high.  The drug of choice for these discriminating users?  Bath … Continue reading

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Gentlemen Prefer…

I’ve often heard women lament, “There just aren’t any gentlemen around anymore!”  Au contraire!  They’re still out there; you just have to look in the right place.  Might I suggest a strip joint? Merriam-Webster Dictionary, my online, go-to source at … Continue reading

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Change Would Do You Good

Last week I posted a beginners guide to the new language, Euphemish. (check out my post “New Language Discovered” to get up-to-speed).  From time to time I’ll present more advanced concepts for the inquiring student. Today, we’ll explore the Euphemish term, Rate Change … Continue reading

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New Language Discovered!

Quickly adopted by politicians and advertisers. A little old lady was holding up my line at the grocery store.  She was trying to return a carton of ice cream.   “It says New & Improved but it tastes the same.” She said, … Continue reading

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