She Really IS A Maineiac

Sometimes one encounters a work of art so perfect, so moving, that one is compelled to share it with the entire world.  For me, that day is now, that art is this picture here.

My friend Darla over at She’s A Maineiac, recreates the sizzling tension between Rhett Butler and Scarlett in a way never before envisioned by the human mind.

She is both the art and the artist.

Darlett O’Hara, Darl Winslet, that chick on House…she is whomever and whatever you want her to be.  Go worship at her feet.

****I officially declare this “Pick One of Darla’s Insane Pictures And Post It On Your Blog” day.   It’s official, folks.  Really.*****

I can’t stand it. I simply can-not stand it.

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71 Responses to She Really IS A Maineiac

  1. I was just over there reading this and truly peed on my bed (yes, I’m still in bed). This is awesome! Great way to end the year.

  2. Oh. My. GOD. [gasping]

    I have finally made it! All those acting lessons! All those years I toiled away doing thankless stand-in parts for ungrateful movie stars! I knew it would pay off big someday!

    And yes, the sexual tension between us was palpable that day on the set. Thank you for noticing.

  3. Al says:

    All hail Photoshop! This is beyond perfection.

  4. k8edid says:

    I snorted coffee AND peed. Top that.

  5. modenagirl says:

    You’re all crazy. Have a happy New Year anyway.

  6. Elyse says:

    Oh Lord, Peg. How can I choose just one? And in the 30 seconds I’m allowed for lunch!

    • pegoleg says:

      Have Darla craft one just for you…she takes requests!

      • True dat. I am working on Pretty Woman and Forrest Gump right now.

        • pegoleg says:

          OMG I love the new pictures. Darlia Roberts, I’m stuck here on my own blog because of the damn tablet computer I have at home. I lose my WordPress login when I go to read anyone else’s blog, so I can’t comment. ARRGH! Isn’t it great that Misty took part?
          This is what I call starting the New Year out right!

        • I am beyond thrilled Misty took part!

          But then I saw one of your tags in this post: “things a person will do for a laugh”. Just what are you trying to say here, Pego? That I will stoop to any level? That I will basically prostitute myself a la Darlia Roberts for a cheap giggle? Yeah? Is that what you think of me?

          You are correct.

  7. Insane pictures! Great way to end a year – and begin a new one: laughing!
    Heading over there- thanks!
    And Happy New year to you and yours – may it bring much laughter, wonder, joy, and adventures

  8. Dana says:

    That whole post (and the accompanying comments section) was EPIC! Thanks for spreading the Maineiac love, Peg! (And Happy New Year to you!)

  9. mistyslaws says:

    You have really gotten a lot of work done today, Peg. I lost count after about 12 (I’m a lawyer, so can’t do the maths) of your pick a picture day comments on Darla’s post. You are an evil genius, as always. I bow to your mastery. And now to contemplate what picture to use for my blog. Hopefully I remember how to even post anything.

  10. As God is my witness, you and Darla make me laugh til my insides hurt.

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  12. rachelocal says:

    Peg, this is THE BEST IDEA.

    “Art and artist.” – So, so true.

  13. So Peg’s done some stand-in work as well. Here we are in the only film we worked on together:

    Unfortunately, when we drove the car over the cliff, the producers had forgotten to install the airbags, effectively ruining my gorgeous face for any future stand-in roles.

  14. OMG you two are so funny and talented and geez, I didn’t spew, but it was close. Wish I had me some magical photoshop skills. I’d put it on my list of resolutions but Peg said to just say “screw it.”
    Happy New Year! May it bring us all health, happiness and prosperity.

    • pegoleg says:

      Me too, Tar. What the heck are you doing up so early? We stayed up til 1:30 and my poor brain is paying the price today.

      • We DIDN’t stay up until 1:30, although I did wake up on the couch at 11:58pm – just in time to see the ball drop. Pat was snoozing comfortably so I left him be and went to bed. That’s why I’m up at 8am on New Year’s Day. Watching the Rose Bowl parade right now, just had spinach quiche (yummy treat!) then the bowl game featuring MSU at 5pm (Go Green). Bummy day so far! Happy Happy :)

  15. Go Jules Go says:

    You both make me so happy.

  16. Watch those hands, Rhett!

  17. lisaspiral says:

    inspirational and a great smile.

  18. dorannrule says:

    There is now hope for the lovelorn!

  19. You are right, she is a genius. If the student/nursing thing doesn’t work out… ;)

  20. Brilliant! The expression is priceless.

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