A Single, Burning Question

toesockspegAnother snowstorm just blanketed the Midwest.  Our souls yearn for Sprightly Spring, but Wooly Winter shows no sign of slackening her icy grip.  Punxsutawney Phil has gone back into hibernation and so have I.

That little vestige of prehistoric brain that we all have has kicked into survival mode.  It instinctively goes about the business of putting on another layer of fat; the key to surviving this long, cold winter. Cravings for rich, dense foods have intensified. Eons of evolution overrule modern standards of beauty.

As I huddle in my Snuggie, flipping through TV channels with half a pan of brownies in my lap, a single question runs in a continuous loop through my mind, burning to be answered:

Ladies, what’s your  policy on shaving your legs in the winter?  

Inquiring minds want you to take this poll.

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97 Responses to A Single, Burning Question

  1. Go Jules Go says:

    Ha ha ha That sock picture is one of your finest works to date. I fear being the first to answer this poll has given me away…

    • pegoleg says:

      That’s what prompted this post. I was discussing the topic with friends and one, very proper lady confided that her shaving habits depended on “the mood.” Too funny!

  2. Cute post…funny pic! Thanks!

  3. I had to go with the “boom chicka” one. But really, that doesn’t tell the whole story on how often I shave. Depends on how much ‘boom chicka wah wah” I’m getting on the daily. And I’m not gonna go there. More to be revealed when you post my Brief History of Sex post in the future.

    I also have to agree with JD an say that is the BEST hair leg picture. Well done.

    • pegoleg says:

      Everyone will just have to wait for all the “gory” details of your love life, hmm?

      I’m still laughing over your Profile Pics post – you are a very brave girl. And you have an amazingly expressive face, Miss Darlinski!

  4. I very rarely shave my legs.
    So temperature isn’t really a factor. :)

  5. You are SO going to hate me when I tell you this, but here goes. When my immune system went haywire, lots of strange things happened that weren’t so pleasant. But two very strange things happened that have been bennies: I don’t sweat. Not at all. Which means I have to be careful not to get overheated because my core reactor may kersplode due to my lack of a natural cooling system. The other thing is that I have zip, zilch, zero body hair. None on my arms or legs or underarms. Thankfully, the hair on my head decided to stay and regrettably the hairs on my chin decided to multiply… But I haven’t had to think about shaving since I got dizzy 11 years ago. Which is probably a survival thing. Imagine me with a sharp blade… ;)

    • pegoleg says:

      Wow, Lorna! The not sweating part sounds great, except it is our natural cooling system, as you said. I’m so glad the hairs on your head decided to stick around through all the immune system hubbub.

  6. I fear none of your answers apply to me. I have not “shaved” my legs since 1990. That’s when I started sugaring. Now after so many years I don’t even have to do it monthly and I tend to forget about it in the winter. My winter dilema is that scaly flaky stuff that comes of your legs when you take off those delightfully striped toe sock/leg warmers.

    • pegoleg says:

      Sugaring? What is this amazing thing that negates shaving? I’m with you on the dry, flaky skin, but it just sounds so disgusting I hate to even admit to having leg-dandruff.

      • Ewwwwww, leg-dandruff. Is that what I admitted to? Sugaring is similar to waxing, but better. And really it all depends on who is doing it to you. They have to have a really good “touch”. Much like the comment above I lost all my hair when I did chemo, including the hair on my head. I loved the feeling of being body hairless and aspired to remain that way…without the use of chemo. Sugaring is what worked for me.

  7. k8edid says:

    Curses – I am in Florida (except this week) and my legs are often exposed year-round. I don’t shave daily, but pretty darned close to it. A few weeks ago I spotted a creature at the beach with long ragged toenails, hairy legs, and a multitude of brightly colored varicose leg veins. While I (briefly) admired this woman’s reluctance to give in to the conventions of modern-day grooming practices I had to glance down to make sure my own limbs were smooth and presentable. I shave because I understand that humans can’t “unsee” some things…

  8. Maggie says:

    OF COURSE I’m in the freak zone on this! We all know who is not getting laid lately don’t we? lol

  9. Fresh Ginger says:

    Impressive artwork. Or … did you sneak into my house just to photograph my leggy stubble? :)

  10. I’m sort of a hybrid of the machete option and the boom-chicka option. Which is pathetic since there has been no boom-chicka in quite some time… now it’s sort of the HOPE for boom-chicka along with a weekly obligatory sloughing because otherwise I just can’t stand myself. Alright, sometimes bi-weekly. True story: the guy I’m dating shaves his legs more often than I do. Runners. Hmph.

    • pegoleg says:

      Ha ha ha! I never dated anyone who shaved other than the usual spots. But then, I dated maybe 2 guys and got married when I was 12, so I’m not exactly a font of comparative wisdom on men.

      • Believe it or not, he’s the second guy I’ve dated who shaves his legs. The first one was a competitive triathlete. The good news is, I don’t feel as bad about being stubbly if he is, too.

  11. Elyse says:

    I will never look at my legs the same way again, Peg. Thanks. I think.

  12. OneHotMess says:

    I shave every time that I take a shower. I have curly hair and dry skin, so I cannot shower every day. But, I do love nightgowns, and so I shave so that I can feel pretty in my nightgowns. All alone…happily!

  13. So I had my legs lasered a few years ago, so I barely have to shave anyways. But now that I know the hair will hold up my socks, I’m looking into laser hair removal reversal.

  14. Dana says:

    I haven’t shaved in years and years, but I do get them waxed faithfully and am seriously missing my esthetician whilst on holidays. I even did the unthinkable (just this morning– perfect timing, Peg!) and waxed my legs BY MYSELF using horrid Sally Hansen wax strips (which were nothing more than laminate plastic with a slight smear of sticky stuff on them). Oh, it was horrible. It really does look like I took a machete to my legs– patches of smoothness, patches of hair. Ugh! Thankfully, I’m going for the ‘rugged’ look and am hoping the squirrels on our hikes don’t give two hoots about my stubbly legs. :(

    • pegoleg says:

      Jeez o criminy, but waxing sounds painful. Also sounds like something best left to the experts. Don’t they have aestheticians out there in the desert?

      • Dana says:

        Of course they do. I was just being cheap. So not worth it. :(

        (I also have a hard time establishing a relationship with a new waxer, especially if it’s going to be a one night stand sort of deal. I’m a waxer monogamist. Cheating on my aesthetician just feels plain wrong.)

  15. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’m trying to figure out how Northeast Ohio has managed to miss all these blizzards. But I’m certainly not complaining. Of course, if we have a blizzard, I can put off shaving my legs another day…

  16. Al says:

    Where is the unfollow button?

  17. mistyslaws says:

    Winter = once a week.

    Summer = once a week, unless I absolutely, positively HAVE to wear shorts.

    Anything more just makes me cranky. And if the hubs is getting some, he doesn’t care how hairy I am.

    • k8edid says:

      I was just thinking the same thing (about my hubby, not yours, of course). Sweet Cheeks wouldn’t care if I looked like Sasquatch as long as he gets lucky, I believe.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I can’t answer the quiz, I haven’t shaved in years. Waxing is much better and that gets done monthly, year round, regardless of whether hubby is home to be getting some or not. Great picture :-)

    • pegoleg says:

      Doesn’t it hurt? Hows about the bikini area – do you wax there, too? I am such a pain-weenie.

      • Jennifer says:

        It only hurts while it’s happening, like a sharp needle. Bikini, yes, not all of it though, and nearing that time of the month, it’s more tender so hurts more. But after kids and tattoos, pain is relative.

  19. Ms Peg-o-Leg, this is the first time I have commented since I have been following you. I can’t remember how I found you, through another blogger, but unfortunately I can’t remember which one. The blogger did mention that you have great photoshopped photos in your posts so naturally I was curious, since I am also interested in photoshopping (actually in my case GIMPing), I wondered if you had done any how-to posts on how you accomplish some of your funny pics. Or maybe you aren’t giving away your secrets, which is perfectly within your right to do!

    • pegoleg says:

      Oh Lynn, aren’t you sweet. Did one of my family pay you to compliment my caveman pictures as an early birthday present for me?

      The fact is, my “signature” style of pictures, if it doesn’t sound pretentious to say that (and it does…I know), was born of necessity. I don’t have Photoshop or any program even remotely that sophisticated. All I have is the Paint program that came preloaded as an accessory on this dinosaur of a computer I have. I take my own photos (or find them on the web), open them in the program, choose the paintbrush tool and paint on the photos by holding down the mouse. It has a palette of a whopping 26 colors.

      I also downloaded Gimp a couple of months ago and, I gotta say, I haven’t been able to figure it out. The only thing I CAN do on GIMP, and it has come in handy, is export the super-huge photos my smart phone takes, into there to resize them so they can be uploaded, attached to emails, etc. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube about how to use GIMP, and they have their own documentation, but I find them very confusing. Maybe I’m too old to learn these new tricks. Arf, arf!

  20. BillThePraiseAndWorshipGuy says:

    THE single burning question should be: Why the hell do we still live in the Midwest?

    • Amen, brother! Amen! If it weren’t for family and jobs and home ownership, well, I’d be looking into a warmer clime. On the other hand, with my rabid hot flashes, warmer geography would probably be intolerable.

      • pegoleg says:

        I know. Jim & Lisa (aka the South Carolina Welcome Wagon) would LOVE for us all to move down there. I’m seriously thinking of snow-birding by them some day. If I ever get to retire. If I ever have any money. If monkeys start flying out of my…never mind.

  21. Tar-Buns says:

    Love this, Peg! Great photo and interesting comments above. During the winter I’m pretty lax about remaining hairless – at least on the legs. Then one day I won’t be able to stand the hair and quick shave it off. Too bad my hair growth hasn’t slowed down one iota – everywhere! Sigh…

  22. notquiteold says:

    I’m always tempted to let it go, but the thought of “hairy zumba” is too gross.

  23. Yesterday I commented on K8edid’s post on small print on the labels of cream rinse, shampoo, wrinkle cream and lord knows what other manner of girl products. Today I’m it’s to shave or not to shave my legs. I’m just feeling really emotional now..and bloated.

  24. AArgh! That’s what I get for reading on my stupid smart phone!! Great touch on the header…not too much, but just enough…Speaking of PS’s, did you ever get my comment asking for your choice of drawing prints and your mailing address?

    • pegoleg says:

      I was counting on you noticing the banner thing, since it was all YOUR idea – sheer genius!!! I’m going to have a lot of fun with this.

      I know what you mean about the smartphone. I like it…but I hate it.

      On the comment question., huh??? Did I win your contest? I’ve been checking your blog but I didn’t see a post. Off to check comment trails.

  25. amelie88 says:

    Can I just comment on that picture of you riding the sheep (or whatever animal that is) in the playground? (Also what are those things called?? I never know what to call those things, and I used to play on them all the time as a kid!) Every time I see it I start laughing, so hilarious!

    And the drawing of the knee high socks and hairy hair reminded me of something you might see on Hyperbole and a Half! (Another great humor blog if you have not already checked it out)

    • pegoleg says:

      Why, thank you! I believe the technical term for those things is, “those springy animal thingies you used to play with at the park when you were a kid”.

      I don’t know Hyperbole etc. Thanks for the recommendation – sounds fun.

  26. Daile says:

    Yes – I am not the only one who saves my lady grooming for when there is a possibility of rough and tumble *wink wink*

    • pegoleg says:

      Seems to be a common theme. Now I’m envisioning all sorts of ladies carrying a Bic disposable razor in their bags just in case, one leg propped up on the sink in the nightclub ladies room, furiously swiping as the DJ announces “last call”.

  27. Sandy Sue says:

    Wow, you girls are much more fur conscious than I am. Of course, if there was the possibility of some Boom Chicka Wah Wah in my future, I’d Nair my whole body.

  28. susielindau says:

    This cracked me up!
    I often hesitate when I know I am going skiing on the weekend. Bring on the stubble! Anything to keep me warm on the summit of some crazy mountain! I do keep an eye on my bikini line since apres ski means hot tub time! Those two different regions alternate all winter since I play tennis during the week! Now was that TMI for you or what???

  29. dorannrule says:

    Funny post! But about shaving legs: At my venerable age, this remains an unmentionable similar to throwing up or other less than desirable bodily functions. I therefore decline to vote. :)

  30. Worrywart says:

    I honestly don’t think hair grows on my legs (or anywhere else any more). I have a great recipe for Weight Watcher’s macaroni and cheese if you are in need of winter comfort food.

  31. Angie Z. says:

    Rarely do I miss a day. No matter if the husband is out of town and no one will notice. Maybe there is a therapist who can answer me why?

  32. pattisj says:

    Love the artwork, Peg. I hadn’t thought of the part stubbly leg hair plays in holding up socks. You are a genius!

  33. Austin says:

    I thought women shaved every day just like us men do! ;)

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